Swords for Adventure

Thamar's Introduction

Tracking of the Witch Illius

5th Ches (March) , The Year of Star Wanderers (1490 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

Thamar walked into the tavern in the Town of Secumber. His platemail glistening in the pale light from the fireplace. He came to the tavern searching for a Hag, a Demon Witch he had tracked. Thamar read his Inquisitorial decree condeming Illius the Hag to death. Thamar left his three retainers and his squire outside the tavern, knowing his quarry was inside and sealing off her escape.
Thamar understood the precarious nature of his actions. He approached the bar keep, careful to scrutinize all in the room. The bar keep squirmed under the scrutiny. Thamar’s great sword glowed with a pale blue light. He carried it in his right hand, in his left was the Holy symbol of his Order. It was the source of his divine strength and symbol of his retribution. The symbol glowed with the same blue haze that seemed to flow between it and Thamar’s greatsword.
Thamar whispered several words….“I will smite you with the power of Vandria. My faith in my Inquisition will destroy you.” The sword in his hand surged with energy, pulsing in his hand.
The witch Illius was near and Thamar’s Divine Sense guided his hands. He drew his sword up in both hands and instantly stepped through blue mist 30 feet towards the fireplace and Illius. She was concealed in the darkness appearing to others as a patron. Thamar’s movement was fast and would have proved fatal had not Illius been a spell caster. Thamar’s sword struck home, yet it hit a shimmering field that exploded, knocking Thamar across the tavern landing on a wooden table that splintered beneath him.
Illius stood up and growled in a language none understood. Thamar raised himself up on one knee. He grasped his sword in his right hand and boldly yelled "Foul trespasser, you have seen the last of your days. " Thamar grasped his great sword in both hands, standing to his full height and charged Illius.
Thamar’s sword, outlined in a supernatural light, struck hard into Illius’ skull sending bone and brainmatter across the table. A sudden eruption of fire and force ripped through the taverns interior blowing out the windows. Thamar was knocked across the tavern, picking himself up in time to feel flame rush out the tavern.
Screams from outside the tavern greeted Thamar’s ears. Only now did he understand he had not killed Illius and is men were now paying the price. The screams of his retinue faded as he shook off the stupor caused from his body colliding with the tavern wall. He exited the tavern.
His men were ashed and dead in the mud and muck outside the tavern. A familiar voice entered Thamar’s mind…“did you think me so easily vanquished?” Thamar kneeled and prayed to Vandria…"see me through to the destruction of Illius and my redemption.
The tavern burned brightly behind Thamar as he walked away following vague tendrils of evil out of town.


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