Swords for Adventure

Milo falls

Algares uses potions, leads to death

Buh’s spirit hovered above the battlefield. He watched as Feanar, Varis, Erza, Algares, and Milo struggled against the stalagmite monsters. However, true to form, they pervaded and acquired a sword amongst other things. Suddenly the world blanked and came back into focus. The room was empty, but a battle din was heard in the distance.

Buh floated through down towards the next room. The group was in combat with some oozes, and not fairing too well. As they hacked them apart, they just reformed or split into multiples. He could see Varis was already down, no longer moving. He felt no emotion anymore, a perplexing concept as he had lived through emotions when alive.

Again the world went dark and then came back into focus. Feanar, Algares, and Erza were being beaten back. Milo was also down now, face first into the floor. A word from Feanar awoke him, but the ooze had dissolved his leg. Algares, before fleeing, bent over to give him an invisibility potion and flight.

As Milo went to follow the group, Buh could see the ooze rise up and come crushing back down on him. Obviously, the ooze could see Milo in his current state. There was an irony here. Algares had inadvertently caused Milo’s death. He was also invisible; they would never find his body in time to save his life now. Buh concluded the world was a little worse for the loss of this man; his instincts were always to save those not strong enough to do it themselves. Between him and Varis falling, he contemplated the future of his friends before drifting off into the void.


Iandimitri004 Mstrickland

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