Swords for Adventure


Death of Buh the Half-Orc Sorcerer

26th Alturiak (February) , The Year of Star Wanderers (1490 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

Buh’s mind railed against the voice of Gruumsh, become ever louder and beckoning his inner orc side. He was becoming erratic and crazed, and throwing himself into situations beyond his powers. He could feel the orc within him winning the fight against his human half, and he felt his mind warping under the mystical evil of the caverns.

As he followed the group trying to corral his orcish fury and brashness, they came upon a room full of splendid beauty. Piles of gold and jewels lay throughout the room, and in the center he saw a podium upon which was an enormous precious gem. As he entered the room, he felt his mind groan then snap under the weight of Gruumsh’s presence. He immediately reverted to like he was just following his accident. With glee he careened towards a large pile of gold. As he dove into it the illusion disappeared and a thunderclap went off in the small space. He staggered to his feet, ears ringing, and noticed that all the gold piles were now gone.

There was still the gem, and he ran into the center trying to reach the shiny his mind so coveted. He could not reach it, for as he stepped toe into some water 4 giant tentacles lashed out for him. 3 managed to get a grip on his legs but he beat two away. The final tentacle pulled him towards a stalagmite which now showed to be a heinous monstrosity the likes of which Buh had never seen. Not knowing what to do, he fired off as much magic as he could, but to no avail. The creature slammed Buh’s body into the ground like a child having a temper tantrum does to a doll before tossing his lifeless body aside. Buh’s suffering is now over, and the world is a safer place.


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