The Sword Coast

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The Sword Coast
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For years, the lands between Waterdeep, a huge city far north of Baldur’s Gate; bustling Amn to the south; the Sea of Swords to the West; and the Wood of Sharp Teeth to the East have been thought of as the Empty Lands – a vast, stretch of wilderness folk venture into only to get from one place to another. Legends abound of grisly fates that befell unfortunate travelers at the hands of the orcs, trolls, hobgoblins (and worse!) said to infest the area in veritable armies. In recent times the caravans have begun to see a new menace – raiding parties of humanoids who plunder mainly the miners in the Cloud Peak Mountains north of Amn. Thanks to both human and bestial predators, the trip has always been dangerous – hence the name sword coast. Down through the ages, many folk have dreamed of founding a kingdom in this verdant valley hidden in the moors. The area is littered with the ruins of failed dreams – abandoned villages, empty towers and dungeons – as well as the occasional town, city or keep, such as Baldurs Gate, Beregost, Nashkel, the Friendly Arm Inn, and Candlekeep. This guidebook directs the traveller toward the sights and lodgings in the cities.

The Sword Coast stretches along the Sea of Swords from Waterdeep south to the Chionthar River at Baldur’s Gate in the south. The Sword Coast gets its name from the white cliffs that rise up sharply for hundreds of miles of the coastline, from Baldur’s Gate to the south and up to the River Dessarin in the north.

Officially, the coast line north of Waterdeep up to Icewind Dale is not part of the Sword Coast, though most folk simply use the term Sword Coast for this otherwise unnamed stretch of coast line. In official texts it is often called the “Sword Coast North”, the main cities controlling that area being Neverwinter and Luskan.

The High Road runs along the coast from Luskan to Waterdeep, after which it becomes the Trade Way and the Coast Way, travelling all the way south to Calimshan.


The Sword Coast

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