House Rules


House Rules


  • My goal is to have a weekly D&D game that is enjoyable for everyone.
  • Magic Items are rare and special.
  • Generating character ability scores can be done by choosing the matrix, using the point buy, or rolling the scores on the first meeting of the campaign before the DM and peers (The dice will be played as rolled).
  • Any of the races, classes, backgrounds are acceptable. We will be playing with feats. Humans can use the variable build (two +1s to ability scores, a feat and an additional skill proficiency).
  • Traits, Motivation, Bonds, and Flaws should be selected prior to the first session. I will have a template for you to fill out about your character that should be mailed back to me at your convince. You will receive +10% experience for each session you have it complete for the first five sessions. A penalty of -10% experience will be delivered for every session after the 6th until it is done.
  • There will be a simple house ruled critical wound system in place for wounds that send you under 0 HP. They will represent lingering/some times long term wounds.
  • I would like to avoid evil characters in the group. The heroic or mercenary high fantasy campaign is what I would prefer to run. As a group you can decide.
  • Experience will be awarded on enemies overcome/thwarted, missions completed, situations handled, and how you play your traits, motivations, bonds and flaws.
  • The campaign will be based on player skill. The dice will fall where they may. Player death will not be avoided for plot.
  • Extra experience will be awarded for session reports with every one having a chance to write them.
  • When rolling a new character after a death, the new character will start at the level of the lowest level character in the party with 0 XP.
  • Multi-Class allowed. The only restriction are as follows:
    1. You have to put three levels into a class prior to multi-classing.
    2. When you multi-class, you have to put at least three levels into your new class prior to changing classes.


1. Shields Shall be Splintered

A character using a shield and having the shield proficiency can sacrifice the shield to negate one hit that causes bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage. The shield is destroyed after using the ability.


2. Identifying Items

To fully identify an item.

  • Identify Spell.
  • Lore Master in cities for coin or other tasks.

Identifying simple items or first tier abilities may come with owning and using the item for a few sessions or month of game time.

3. Thank you Commander!

When you speak out of character during combat to give advice about what someone should do or not to forget something (not on your action), you will gain the Thank you Commander! token. The token allows you to give advice to other around you at the table. You will be required to hand the token back to the GM as your characters action and bonus action. If it is your action and you are speaking to a character that can hear you in an in character manner then you will not receive the Thank you Commander! token.

4. Between Adventure Form.
Between Adventure Form
Character Between Adventure Check-list

The checklist will help you tell me what your character does between adventures. If you don’t send this in to me then I will auto choose you living the COMFORTABLE life style for the duration and doing nothing else. You can send it in up to the Thursday prior to the next game. The Check-list will be sent out in email form. It will also be available on Obsidian portal, as a wiki and a forum post.

I will present several options. That are all available to most of you.

You will choose your STANDARD OF LIVING FOR THE DURATION OF THE BREAK which are as follows (Cost is per day and auto deducted from your money):
[To select put an X between the ( ) on the single STANDARD you select, CHOOSE ONE.]

Poor 2 SP ( )
Modest 1 GP ( )
Comfortable 2 GP ( )
Wealthy 4 GP ( )
Aristocratic 10 GP ( ) *Might develop additional contacts.

For each two-week period you can spend it doing an ACTION. You can mix them or do the same thing. For each TWO WEEKS OF TIME YOU GET ONE X . Three weeks would give you three X’s to use on the ACTIONS you can do. Every X equals two weeks of spent time. Put the Xs between the ( ) of the ACTION you want to use. After the Xs you can also add notes that clarify what you are doing. The following actions are available:

( ) Carousing. Changes your lifestyle choice to wealthy. You will spend you time living the life, going to parties, taverns, gambling halls ect. Each Carousing choice will generate a ROLL ON THE CAROUSING table in the DMG. You might wake up in jail or win gold!

( ) Practicing a Profession. You spend time working to earn money. You can do this if your background demonstrates a way to earn money. Stealing is a way to make money.

( ) Recuperating. Spend time healing from a critical injury, a disease or other condition that requires rest to improve.

( ) Crafting Mundane Items. Spending time making mundane items. See players handbook. You must have something in your background or learned something as a character that would support you being able to make items.

( ) Training Skills. Spend you time learning a new skill from the skill list, a feat, or a proficiency. I will keep track in your character sheet on OP.
Single weapon proficiency: 4 weeks
Skill, language proficency or proficiency with tool: 8 weeks
Feat : 24 weeks

( ) Selling Magic Item. Spend time finding a buyer for magic items and selling them. Only will work in large towns, magic acadamies, and cities. Need to know the item. Characters with high renown with certain “organizations” or receiving help from a roguish character will increase chances. The other character would mark this as well and put the characters name they are helping in the ( ).

( ) Crafting Magic Items. See GM and DMG.

( ) Gain Renown. Gain renown with organizations, guilds, and groups.

( ) Performing Sacred Rites. Spending time performing sacred rites, rituals, church duties, communing with nature to generate an extra inspiration point that generates every down for a number of weeks based on time spent.

( ) Running a Business. Spend time running a business you already own to generate money. (Mines?)

5. The Indecision Countdown

When you are up to go in your turn if I am waiting on you for a few seconds, then I will prompt with, "What are you doing? …..5….4….3…2…..1……Bottom. If I get to this point in the count down then you will go to the bottom of the initiative track for the remainder of the battle. When you fail to act after a countdown after you have been moved to the bottom of the initiative stack then you will lose your actions this turn.

House Rules

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