Swords for Adventure

Character Fiction - Feanar
Feasting and Council
18th Eleint , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

Feanar sat at the end of the long table in Reidoth’s keeping room. The room itself had high set windows and skylights. The walls of it, and the home as well, were cut and shaped stone. It was an old structure, repaired and enhanced by Reidoth’s hand. The interior was lined with post and beam supporting the walls and roof. One end of the room had a large hearth that included a wide walk in fireplace and a wood fired cook-top adjacent to it. There were various work tables along the walls, as well as, the long feasting table in the center of the room at which they all were seated. There was a soapstone sink on one side of the room with a well pump mounted on it’s right.


Reidoth’s home itself was constructed in the ruins of the town of Thunder-tree. It was likely originally a manor house of modest size. Reidoth had made use of what was an extensive wine cellar and expanded it further himself. The outside he had allowed to become overgrown and obscure its obvious occupant. The fireplaces were cleverly fluted to vent their smoke from different structures around town, making it nigh on impossible to pinpoint his abode in that way. In addition to the natural camouflage afforded by the plant growth, Reidoth had placed a number of beguiling enchantments surrounding it to confuse the simple minded. He had expressed concern the dragon may ultimately discern his location, his presence Reidoth was fairly certain was something the beast was likely already aware of.

Feanar was listening to Reidoth speak. Seated at the table with Feanar were the four subjects who had arrived four days prior, now known to him as Harndur, Erza, Varis, and Algares. The four had battled the emerald dragon in the ruins and lost 3 of their companions in the melee. Two nights prior and pair of new travelers had arrived, seeking Reidoth’s council much in the same way Feanar himself had. A dwarf warrior by the name Orsik of clan Rumnaheim, and his companion, an orc half breed who called himself Buh, and clearly had an aura of arcane energy about him. It had become quickly apparent they all in fact were working at mirror purpose and had chosen to pool their strength.

Reidoth was counseling the gathering to be cautious and to withdraw from Thunder-tree for the present. They had already suffered at the hands of the drake named Venomfang, and there were other dangers as well within the ruin. While Reidoth spoke they all ate at his long table. Reidoth’s larder was well stocked and he was a skilled cook and baker. The table had a ham glazed in a salty hickory syrup, warm baked biscuits and black bread, freshly churned butter, ample pots of spun honey, and a platter piled with wedges of honeycomb. Reidoth had set out a number of baked wild tubers baked and covered in the same hickory glaze as the ham. There were relishes made of a generous mix of nuts and wild berries, roast squab glazed with honey, farmers cheese and a number of hard cheese wedges. There were carafes with the excellent mead Feanar had enjoyed when the first guests arrived, as well as, a cask at the table with a hearty brown ale. All were eating while listening to Reidoth speak. Buh chewed shaking his head affirmative up and down, “really good” he kept repeating.


Feanar drank from his goblet of mead and put it down looking at Reidoth. Reidoth paused and looked back raising his brows in a questioning look. “My friend, you’ve cautioned us about leaving and not engaging the beast, if you had to though, how would you vanquish the monster?” Reidoth sighed and thought before he began to speak…

Character Fiction - Feanar
Feanar, War Deacon of The Secret Flame
5th Eleint , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

Feanar sat at the desk and leafed through the tome Reidoth had handed him prior to hurrying off on something he said would not keep him long. The book was old and leatherbound but remarkably well crafted. Mortimer Fizzlebottom’s Arcanum of Draco kind. The definitve text on dragonkind on this world, amassed by the famed gnome explorer/researcher Mortimer Fizzlebottom over 200 years of exhaustive field study and research. It was considered a well of information in the field. He has other tomes in the series for Goblin and Orc races, the Giants, Fiends, Fey and all manner of beasts. His knowledge of monstrous xenology was without peer.

Feanar read the book and sipped the mead Reidoth had poured him. He had paged to the portion on the sub species of chromatic beasts of the emerald hue. It was of particular interest to him as Reidoth had mentioned a young one had recently taken up residence in the ruins, much to Reidoth’s chagrin. Feanar had come to Thundertree seeking Reidoth’s council. He had learned of the old druid in Waterdeep and that he may have information relating to the growing shadow on the sword coast and involvement of the dragons and their lick spittle servants of the dragon cult.

Feanar himself was a War Deacon and guardian of The Secret Flame, a disciple of the Verdant Isle. The head of Feanar’s order had bid he and his peers to travel forth into the world to search out the growing evil. They were to discover what they could, relate it back to the hierarchy. They were to take action when, and in what fashion they could to hinder the enemy. Feanar’s leadership had come to the conclusion the Eldar could not longer sequester themselves to the events of the world.

Feanar was absorbed by the book and his thoughts. when he was startled back to realty by raised voices. Feanar walked out of Reidoth’s study and made his way to his keeping room. Through the threshold he could see Reidoth moving between several beings, a Sylvan elf, a human, Tiefling, and gnome. He was surprised to see three bodies on the floor in the entry. Reidoth was waving a censer with some refreshing evergreen smelling smoke rising from it between the four strangers. They were all inhaling and coughing but it seemed to recede after a brief time. He heard Reidoth say, “Juniper eases the inflammation caused by the beasts breath”. They had obviously battled the emerald dragon Reidoth had spoken to him of.

Feanar glanced at the bodies in the entryway. Judging by them some had fallen to the breath of the beast, others had been rent by claw and fang. He judged the three to be a dragonborn, a human, and an Eldarin such as himself.

It was at this point he caught Reidoth’s eye, who motioned to him and spoke. “Feanar, come in here, I would have you meet these new guests. I believe you will find each other treading parallel paths in these lands.”

Orsik and Buh's trek to Thundertree
Oh, those pretty lights
6th Eleint , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

Orsik and Buh made their way through the quiet Neverwinter Woods. Trudging through the woods as they made their way towards the designated location where they were to find a small boat they had commissioned from Wellby, the Halfling merchant at the Rolling Wheel in Longsaddle. It had been a fortnight since they left Longsaddle and the Berun’s River made Orsik queasy. The thought of getting into a boat of unknown origins with Buh seemed like a suicide mission in and of itself. Yet, the need to reach Thundertree had grown since he first left the Nether Mountains.

“Buh, Buuh!” Buh shouted and stomped pointing wildly at the underbrush at the edge of the river.

“What is it Buh!? No more Fireflies we need to get to the boat it will be dark soon.” Orsik said gruffly as he swatted away another curious squirrel looking for a treat.

Buh turned quickly around giving Orsik a knifelike stare “Buh-t!” he grunted again thrusting his finger in the direction of the underbrush once again.

“Okay, okay let’s check it out.” He said as he made his way past Buh. Just as they reached the underbrush he saw the thing he had been dreading the most, the nose of a small row boat hidden in the thicket just as Wellby said it would.

“I guess this is the best place as any to setup camp Buh. There is no way we are getting on that thing at night. We dwarves are made of rock, not supposed to play in the water.” Orsik grunted as he pulled his flint out of his backpack and gathered up some foliage to start their fire.

Orsik was bending over to blow the fire to life. Suddenly Buh bellowed “Buh do et!” as he set to a subtle hum and a flick of he wrist, instantly a small fire roared to life. Orsik barreled away slapping his face and beard.

“Dang it! Why you do that Buh!” He yelled as he picked the singed hairs off his beard and eyebrows.

Buh sat back against a firm tree giggling quietly at Orsik; As Orsik grumbled away to gather some more firewood.

A few hours passed and Orsik was finally feeling the days trek wear on him. He looked over at Buh, who was enthralled with the campfire as he had been every night since they meet.

“I guess you have first watch again?” Orsik asked.

“Buh.” Buh answered with a gleeful smile upon his face.

“I still wonder what his is thinking when he stares at that fire.” Orsik thought to himself.

“Okay, wake me up when the fire is out so you can get some rest, it is going to be a treacherous day tomorrow.” He said as he tucked in under his bedroll.

Orsik awoke suddenly; the chilled air nipped at his nose as he looked around. The fire had burnt itself out and no heat radiated from the pit. Quickly Orsik sat up looking around; Buh was nowhere to be insight. Orsik slipped on his boots, grabbed his shield and Warhammer. Darting in to the forest he heard a sharp high pitched giggling off a short distance.


Orsik let out a long groan, shaking his head as he made is way towards the sounds of the laughter. As Orsik reached Buh a few meters into the woods. He saw the eight glowing orbs dancing about him. Buh, lost in a trance by these lights seemed to be the happiest half-orc in all the land.

“Get out of here! Damned Pixies, we need to get some sleep!” Orsik shouted into the darkness as raised his Warhammer and swatted at one of the pixies floating just out of reach.

The Pixie darted off and returned quickly “let us have our fun!” she sneered at Orsik. Just as Orsik made another swing in her direction.

Just then another Pixie came about jeering and flying about Orsik’s head. “I’ve had enough of this.” He thought has he grabbed Buh’s arm to lead him back to the camp.

“This is going to be a long night, Buh. Put this on and get some sleep.” He said as he hands Buh a silken shawl. Orsik came to find this to be a life saver since they made their way into Neverwinter forest as those damned Pixies have following them since they entered the forest.

As Buh fell asleep, Orsik clamored over to the boat that was once hidden in the underbrush. He needed to check if it were seaworthy. Marthammor Duin, forbid this young dwarf drown before his deeds are done. They should be in Thundertree by weeks end, and then they will know what fate has in store for them.

Character Fiction - Orsik Rumnaheim
Arm of the Stone
22nd Ches, The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

The small band of Dwarves slowly made their way through the blood bath that was the scene of the attack. Orsik glanced around at the familiar faces of the small party of humans. He stood solemnly as took in the scene of eviscerated bodies hung from the trees. The eyes and hearts had been removed from the bodies, and horses nowhere to be found.

“They should have listened! Those damned gobos even took their eyes, and where are the horses?” Orsik asked Ibun.

“There is too much blood.” Ibun said. As he shook his head and began to turn back.

Suddenly Ibun let out a sharp yelp. As he sung about Orsik and the others noticed a small arrow protruding from his right shoulder.

Orsik tightened grip on his warhammer. Ibun pulled out his hand axe and doned his shield. Thrain and Nar pulled out their Crossbows and noced their bolts at the first Goblin charged onto the road.

The goblin burst forward and swung wildly at Ibun, as he stepped aside and planted the axe in the back of the goblin’s head.

“Is that all you got Dung sniveler!” Ibun shouted as he yanked the ax from the goblins head.

Just then a band of goblins walked into view. A larger one picking his teeth with his crude knife as he stepped forward.


“Dis going to be a good fight, too bad the no bring food.” the larger goblin sneered. “Get em Boys!”

Another arrow streaked through the air as it embedded into Ibun’s eye. Then four more pierced his chainmail shirt as Ibun dropped quickly to the ground. Thrain and Nar loosed their bolts at the nearest goblins dropping them with deadly efficiency. As the bolts loosed the two dwarves dropped their crossbows and readied their battleaxes.

Three goblins charged at Orsik, as he swung his mighty warhammer at the first he caught him in the face knocking the tiny goblin into another one of the charging goblins knocking them both to the ground. The third reaches him just as the warhammer loses its momentum and jabs his scimitar at into Orsik’s shoulder.

The four goblins and the larger goblin charged Tharin and Nar. Nar swung both hand axes solidly into the face of the first goblin as the goblins dagger planted into his forearm. A second goblin launched forward and tripped as he stumbled past Nar. Tharin struggling to don his shield was quickly overwhelmed by the larger goblin and the two others. They stabbed wildly looking for a weakness in his armor as he fell to the ground.

“There are a lot of them, stand your ground and show them how we Stonefallen fight!” Orsik shouted.

“We have to get them off of Tharin, if we are going to stand a chance.” Nar said as he planted one of his axes in the fallen goblin’s skull.

Nar swung about again and caught the larger goblin in the arm with his other hand axe. The Large goblin pulled his attention off of Tharin and turned back towards Nar.


Four more arrows were unleashed into the chaotic fighting, two meet no targets and sunk deep into the damp earth. One of the arrows sank deep into Orsik’s leg while the other found another goblin in the back.

Just then a large figure stepped out of the darkness. As the figure came into view Osrik noticed that it was a large orc, grasping a gnarled staff cloaked in scraps of fur and tattered clothes. The figure lifted his staff and pointed at Nar.


“Grovel! You lowly scum!” the Orc shouted. Suddenly, Nar stopped fighting and collapsed to the ground.

Orsik pulled back his warhammer and smashed the last goblin is his way. As he rushes towards Nar and Tharin. He pulls in a deep breath wills up another attack as quickly as he could. He sung down the hammer squarely on the large goblins skull. Pink mist filled the air as the large goblin collapsed.

Suddenly wild screams came out of the darkness where the hail of arrows were coming from. The final three goblins in the quarrel continued to stab Nar and Tharin, as Tharin finally gained a footing and pushed two of the goblins off of him and buried an axe in the belly of one. Just as the axe landed the third goblin saw an opening and thrusted the dagger under Tharin’s arm as a river of blood soaked his mail. Tharin stumbled a few steps and feel face first into the dirt.

Nar was still groveling uncontrollably as one of the prone goblins scrambled to his feet and jumped on Nar. The goblin fiercely bit into Nar’s neck and ripped out his wind pipe. As he stood he spit it out and readied his dagger.

Orsik jumped forward toward the last two goblins. Bringing down his warhammer into the face of the sneering blood soaked goblin. Bringing both feet down on the prone goblin’s skull, Orsik readied to charge the orc.

As Orsik turned from his landing the Orc, let loose a grim laugh. “You fight well Dwarf, but you are no match for Cult of Dragons” the Orc jeered.


As he finished speaking a cloaked figure on a horse burst for from inside a tree just past the orc. As the figure came down a bright light, as bright as the sun, burst forth from his raised hand. Orsik was blinded by this light, he could hear the screams of the orc and the smell of burning flesh.

As Orsik stumbled around blindly, he heard an unfamiliar voice. “Young Dwarf you stout and willful. Yet, I sincerely apologize about your friends. I must urge you to seek brother Reidoth at the Thundertree. A critical time is at hand, he will guide you on your path. To defend you kin and keep your freedom.”

Orsik’s vision starts to return has he sees the mounted figure make his way through the forest. Alone in the woods Orsik pondered these words. He checked his pack and gear, knowing that the trip will be long he set off west towards Sundbar.

The Iron Ring (Session 5 Recap)
Phandalin raided, attack on Phandalin while party is there, and trip to Old Owl Well
20th Eleint , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

-Group departs the ruins of Thundertree after retrieving Mirna Dendrar’s family heirloom necklace from the ruined herbalist shop in town.

-The group makes for Phandalin choosing a low profile route off the main traveled road to avoid contacts, however on the road to Phandalin they encounter a group of wagons and riders they determine to be a band of the Iron Ring Slavers. There is a terse exchange of greeting between the two parties as they size on another up, and then both move off their respective ways, conflict avoided for now.

-Upon arrival at Phandalin the group learns the town had been beset by an orc raiding party of the Many Arrows clan. Speaking with Sildar Hallwinter they learn several things.
• The attack occurred 8 hours previously.
• There are a number of wounded needing help.
• Mirna wants to give the family necklace as reward for saving her and her children.
-The breaks off to assist in their own ways. Feanar helps care for the wounded. Varis returns the necklace to Mirna and says it’s a family heirloom and should remain so. The rest busy themselves searching and disposing of the dead orcs.

-A quick war council is held. Sildar says he intends to make a patrol with what armed town members he has. He offers reward for the group to deal with the Many Arrows clan quickly to save Phandalin further attack. The group agrees.

-Shorty after Sildar departs the sound of battle rises from the north east side of town and the orchard. The group rushes to investigate and finds Sildar alone with several town folk down amongst another apparent orc raid.

-Sildar is wounded and dragged off. Feanar heals him. The group engages a half dozen orc warriors and their leader. In addition an ogre emerges from the wood on the town border and the battle is joined. A fierce and bloody exchange occurs at the conclusion of which all the orc and the lone ogre lie dead. The team again assists the town and then sets off for the Wayvern Tor to engage the orcs at their hold fast.

-Enroute to the orc’s keep after a couple days travel, the group discovers tracks which they follow. They are quickly in turn hunted and then attacked by an Owl-bear, which they defeat in a bloody engagement. The group continues and then sets up camp.

-During the night the group is beset by a half dozen fell undead Ghouls, roused at the last moment by their watch the battle begins with grievous wounds on the party. A number of solid hits and timely spells, along with the divine intervention and turning of the majority of the evil undead allows the group to properly prepare. They are then able to decisively turn the tables on their attackers and dispatch them handily.

The Death of Fineas Dunbaern
Fineas Dunbaern Falls
13th Eleint , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

Fineas’ blood ran cold when he heard the hiss and sound of the language. He and his comrades were here in the ruin of Thundertree at the behest of the widow Mirna Dendrar and the retrieval of an old family heirloom of her kin. They had entered the town not more than two hours prior, and had quickly been attacked by fel beats of the nether in a dilapidated tavern at the edge of the old town. Having overcome that trial and gathering their wits, they had pressed on to the most prominent feature in the town, an old stone tower on the edge of the wood surrounding the ruins.

Now after having entered the tower through an old attached structure they had made their way into the tower proper. Erza their wildling gnome warrior had just crested the top of the first spiral stairway from the ground when Fineas heard the telltale hiss and language of the dracokind. He yelled to Erza, “what do you face!” “tis an emerald serpent, a fel creature of the abyss!” came the hurried return shout.

His worse fears realized Fineas chose the only logical course, retreat. Their party was insufficient in number with the temporary leave Akash and Varis had taken, and their ground in the tower was not to their favor. He turned to spring to the door and from the direction they had entered when he heard Erza’s war cry and the clang of arms. “Flee you fools!” Fineas shouted and he threw himself out the entryway into the tower, just as he heard massive lungs inhale. He looked over his shoulder as he rose, he could see Harndur looking up the stairs in bear form and then Fineas’ view of the room was obscured as a yellowish green noxious cloud obscured his vision. He could hear the coughs and panicked yells. He heard Harndur’s voice, obviously forced from his bestial form by the staggering cloud of gaseous venom the beast had unleashed.

Their only chance lie in drawing the beast into the open, but even then with their diminished numbers, all seemed lost. Fineas forced the train of thought from his mind, there was simply no time. He ran around the outside of the perimeter of the tower and found what he hoped for. It was in poor repair and one side was collapsed, within the gap he could see the dark colored form moving back and forth and now bellowing. Even over the dragon Fineas could hear Harndur yelling to Ezra and to their other companion Algares, he did not hear Mival’s voice.

Fineas began to hurl blasts of Eldritch arcane energy at the portion of the beast he could see in the break in the tower scoring a number of hits and illiciting a painful bellow from the beast. He could see it lurch and appear to climb upwards in the tower.

Towards the far end of the tower he saw Ezra stumble out, and then Algares who appeared to be limping, finally he saw Harndur, who appeared to be carrying a still form that was Mival. He looked to Fineas and raised a free arm, Fineas motioned back to him to run the way they had exited. It was then he heard a crashing noise and saw the dragon hurl itself into the air from the top of the tower. Fineas turned from his companions and ran the opposite direction, firing off random shots of arcane energy at the beast.

Fineas was just shy of the woodline when he felt the impact, his breath left him and he could not regain it, then he was in the air with the ruins receding beneath him. When his vision returned Fineas could feel pain lancing down the entire right side of his body, although he could not move it. He tried to breath in and was racked with lancing pain, he coughed and tasted the blood as it gurgled up in his mouth. He knew his time in this realm was done, and with what effort he had left Fineas uttered one last curse at his vanquisher and his kind, beseeching all powers that would see it done in the multiverse that he and his kind pay.

The Death of Chorkan Akash (The Saint of Phandalin)
Chorkan Akash Dragonborn Paladin (Deceased)
13th Eleint , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

There was a distant screaming that startled Varis as well as Akash, who was tending his wounds. They shared a quick glance before packing up their belongings and racing towards the sound. They arrived to see Mival being carried by Harandur, his body clearly void of life, and the other 3 careening towards the horses.

Out of the abandoned structure came the sight of a young green dragon. He glided down into the courtyard with a thud and hissed his challenge. Akash sighed. He knew the others did not respect his cause; that they did not respect him. He clasped Varis, standing beside him, on the shoulder and bid him run with the others.

“Run, Varis, this challenge is more than any of us. He will follow us and it will become our demise. Have the druid cover your tracks. I will deal with this agent of Tiamat and give you time.”

With that he turned and charged at the dragon. A viscous cone of poison gas spewed forth and poured over glimmering gold light as Akash brought Talon down into the dragon’s left eye. As the dragon reeled Akash lost the sword handle and fell to the ground. The dragon placed a large taloned claw onto his chest and hissed. Blood streamed over the dragon’s snout. Venomfang could not see through his left eye and knew it to be destroyed. Anger welled up in the dragon.

“Follower of Bahamut, you have failed your god. You have failed in your cause. Tiamat is rising, she calls for your soul my little paladin. And Venomfang will show you the way."

Akash with a slight smile on his swollen lips, whispered “Your missing an eye.”

With that Akash was hoisted into Venomfang’s maw and ripped in twain by the vicious jaws.

The Death of Mival Siannodel (The Sterling Tune)
13th Eleint , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

While exploring the ruins of Thundertree, the party decided to explore a tower on a hill with an attached cottage. There were signs something was wrong, two giant spiders mauled to death in front of the tower and a collapsed roof. The party entered the cottage and found nothing of note. Continuing into the tower through a door in the cottage they entered the base of the tower. A somewhat bare bottom level with a partially collapsed ceiling and a spiral stairway leading along the tower wall. Dust on the floor and sunlight beams from above through the broken roof. Beams and rubble.

An ominous voice booms, “Who dares disturb my lair?” Apparently Ezra did. It is hard to tell if it was pure fearlessness or the mushroom addled mind of the gnome, but Erza brandished his battle axe and charged up the stairs to the second level where he came face to face with the Green Dragon Venomfang. Erza had the presence of mind to scream, “Dragon!”. Erza took a mighty swing, but the suarian beast was too fast. Venomfang knowing some of the group was at the base of the tower had only fought one other group of adventurers and knew they could hurt him.

Venomfang breathed in a large breath and breathed out a huge cone of poisons gas on the head of the gnome and down the stair way filling up the room below with the burning acrid gas. Most ran including the gnome. Mival was turning to leave and the gas filled the room in a blast. He thought about how reckless the gnome had been and how he would deal with him after this was all over.

Mival missed the critical second when he could get a breath of fresh air before the gas came. As he breathed in he knew he was in trouble, the searing gas filled his lungs and he felt as if he were on fire with a thousand bees stinging him in the heart. The poison took hold and his body seized snapping his spine. Mival fell onto the cold stone floor his eyes still open and the gas melting them in their sockets.

Harndur who had taken a precious gasp of air in time grabbed Mival corpse and slung it over his shoulder as he ran out of the tower with his eyes tightly shut.

And so the end has come for one of great potential…..Mival Siannodel (The Sterling Tune)

In search of adventure......(Session 4 Recap)
Old Owl Well, Banshee in the woods, and green death in Thunderetree.......
10th Eleint , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

  • The group spends a few days in Phandalin and then heads out to investigate the rumors surrounding Old Owl Well, the ruins of a Netherese watch tower in the foot hills to the northeast of Phandalin about three days march.
  • The party was ambushed by raiding party from the Orcs of the Many Arrow tribe while camping at night two days out of Phandalin. Half a dozen Orcs and an Ogre lead by a fierce Orc warrior. The party rescued a bruised and battered street urchin from Waterdeep, Algares.
  • The group located the tower (Old Owl Well) and encountered Hamun Kost (Deceased), a necromancer from Thay exploring the ruins in an apparent search for arcane items. Skeletons and Kost attempted to protect the dig site from the party with negative results. Harndur ended Kost’s existence while in the form of a great brown bear.
  • Akash stays behind to bless the area of the ruined tower to remove the necromancers taint.
  • The group (without Akash and Varis Reardon) starts to explore the northwest ruins of Thundertree. After encountering some ash-zombies in an old tavern the party decides to explore the largest structure in town. A tower with a collapsed roof and attached cottage.

Death of Mival Siannodel (The Sterling Tune)
The Death of Chorkan Akash (The Saint of Phandalin)
The Death of Fineas Dunbaern

Character Fiction - Mival Siannodel
Knowledge and the Sterling Tune

Main Page
Mival Siannodel – Tales and Musings of the Sterling Tune

4th Eleint through 10th Eleint, The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

The light of the sun peered through the curtains as morning broke. In a sudden burst of energy Mival awoke, a slow mellow tune echoing in his head. He grabbed his pack and his flute and made his way towards the door. Stepping over the sprawled out Daran, who appeared ever so uncomfortable sleeping indoors, he slowly opened the door.

Mival Stepped through the door, just was he made his way into the hall the hulking Chorkan came lumbering past as he left the neighboring room. Mival snarled mockingly at the chainmail clad lizard.

“Damn lizard and his effete deity” Mival though as he adjusted his pack and made his way down the stairs.

As Mival stepped out of the Stonehill Inn he saw Chorkan turn marching to the west towards the Town Green. Mival turned to the East and glanced up towards the Tresendar Manor.

Mival set his skipped past the Sleeping Giant as a small boy began to follow him. The two playfully skipped out of town until they came to a small ruble wall at the edge of town. Knowing that he could not let the boy follow him out of town he turned to the boy.

“Run a long home and buy your mum something sweet.” Mival said, his right eye shimmered a bit, as he flipped the boy a silver coin. The boy turned quickly and skipped off into the distance back into town.

Mival made his way through the woods on his way to the hidden cave. Just as he reached the underbrush covering the cave he heard a sharp snap in the distance. Startled Mival turned to look around the woods. Off in the distance he spotted a dirty Erza, treading through the forest behind a small hog.

“Ha, little gnome must be looking for some of those renown mushrooms of the Kryptgarden forest that he so often squeaked about” he thought as he pushed aside the underbrush.

As Mival made his way into the cave he pulled out his lantern and whispered a few words. Suddenly a right white light burst forth from the lantern. He worked his way through the solemn corridors he reached the old room of the late Glass Staff.

Setting his pack in the corner, Mival lit a few candles and made his way into the hidden library adjacent to the room.

He reached down to pick up the few books he had tossed to the ground during his last visit to this place. Mival grabbed the head of the chair and pulled up a seat at the table. As he cracked open the first book the musty smell of parchment filled the room. Stories of old and arcane mysteries were held in these tomes and Mival was set on learning them.

  • * *

Four days had passed since Mival made his way into the dusty Library. He could hear the Townsfolk working above clearing the old manor debris away for that God Forsaken Temple the Lizard was calling for.

Mival, knowing the party would be making their way to the Old Owl Well to investigate the Undead in the area. Picked up the last candle, stared solemnly at the pile of books he had read over the last few days. He picked up his pack and spoke some soft words lighting his lantern. As the lantern lit he tossed the candle on the nondescript books as he tucked one under his arm and made his way out of the room. Adventure lay ahead and he would not miss that for the world, or even knowledge for that matter.


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