Swords for Adventure

Arcanum of Monstrosities
23rd Alturiak (February) , The Year of Star Wanderers (1490 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

Feanar was crouched down examining the remains of the wights they had defeated in Buearmont. There was obviously some sort of emaciated corpse but there was also a sort of ecto residue in a fine layer on the corpse. He made a number of notations in the margins of his journal. He had been inspired by Mortimer Fizzlebottom’s Arcanum of Dracokind he had leafed through in Reidoth’s home in Thundertree and had begun taking more meticulous notes of the various foes he and his companions defeated in their travels. He hoped to publish his own tome detailing the monstrosities of the world through the eyes and observations of one that had battled them.

Erza came over and sat down and watched without speaking for a time. There was still smoke rising from the ruins, the fires caused by Buh’s outburst had been extinguished. The group had decided since it was unknown who may have been left or seen the fires it was best to make for the elven ley lines Adrean had told them of in his message, rather than bed down in town and risk some new threat returning to the town. They had suffered some significant injuries in the struggle and Feanar was exhausted from both the combat and mystical exertion. Erza spoke “Why do you take so many notes?” he asked while cleaning his sword. Feanar paused from writing and looked up “Well, if I can publish this work widely in a fashion like Professor Fizzlebottom, the information I detail could be of help to others in confronting similar evil entities. Then I didn’t just defeat these beasts here today, I beat their kin again and again in years to come via those that use my information.”

Erza stopped cleaning his sword and spoke “Then my fighting also lives on beyond today?” he asked. “Oh yes, I detail who we all are and the specific actions we took in this battle to provide as detailed an analysis of what worked and what did not to any who may face similar threats. So your skills with the sword will be preserved” Feanar replied.

Erza spoke once more “We need to survive this though to make that happen.” “Yes, this all does assume we are victorious. I can chronicle our efforts, but I have no ability to clearly and unequivocally divine the future.” Feanar admitted. “However, we have done well to date. I have faith in our skills.”

Unfamiliar Territory
23rd Alturiak (February) , The Year of Star Wanderers (1490 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

The day’s events had been terrible. The villagers gathered in their white robes chanting in a menacing guttural language. The scene reminded Buh of rituals performed to Gruumsh that he had witnessed in his youth. When the priest slit the young girl’s throat, he could remember the rage spill over and he lost control. Through now calmer eyes, he could see the villagers turn to ash in a plume of fire. The images of his rage were near repugnant, especially in the aftermath of the fight. His rage billowed and he set afire the town searching for those who had scattered just minutes before. He had felt an inherent rage creating a burning need to cleanse those fools for their crimes.

He could see the innocent children, one of whom fell victim to his orcish fury. He cursed Gruumsh for the power he still had over him. It was like the eye of Gruumsh was on him, searing agony and aggression into his soul. Never had he felt so far from his human half as on this day. His mind felt torn, and he was having a harder time every day keeping the ferocity and blind rage at bay. In a calmer state, he thought about how he had eaten the girl’s shrunken head which Milo had intended as a punitive measure. With sadness Buh watched as he treated it as an orc prize, savoring the delicious meat. He found himself the villain now.

He shook his head as he looked over to Milo as they traversed through the woods towards the ley line. His face was knotted with concern. The entire group seemed that way as they traveled in silence. He could sense Varis keeping a wary eye on him. There was every justification for the ranger’s mistrust. Buh had now slain 2 innocents somewhat accidentally. He had almost caused one of those he traveled with to fall more than once. He needed answers, and soon. But there was a greater mission here. Evil pervaded the landscape, and Buh could not help but think maybe it was the environ that drew him to act as Gruumsh intended.

It took a day and more to get to the safety of the ley line. The group did not say much amongst themselves as they kept a keen watch all around. As Buh settled into sleep, he felt less whole. At least here he felt the evil was at bay, and at least a little more like himself. As his eyes closed, he attempted to make peace with what he must do here now, embrace his orc side and unleash its fury to complete the quest. With luck he may become powerful enough to help see this through, but if it comes to desperation it may lead to his own sacrifice in an explosion of magical energies to ensure that whatever evil lies ahead does not win the day.

Cult of the Dragon
20th Nightal (The Drawing Down) , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

Feanar waved at the smiling woman as she and the small boy with her walked down the stairs of the healing house and into the streets of Waterdeep. The boy, her son, had been brought with fever and blisters 3 nights past. She had been desperate and been told there was little hope by the neighborhood soothsayer. Feanar had sat with the boy for three days and between a bit of divine invocation, and traditional elven herbal remedies Harndur had shown him, the boy recovered well. Feanar was pleased, but exhausted, three days awake, even for someone with elven blood was daunting.

Feanar walked back through the house of healing main floor, it’s polished jade marble floor shining from sunlight spilling in from overhead skylights far above. The columns on both sides of the hall with various elvish inscriptions praising the deities of elvish faith stood like guardians in front of various hallways that led off the main hall to treatment rooms. He continued to walk exchanging pleasantries with staff and colleagues until he finally reached the rear door to the hall and exited into the courtyard. He was headed for the residence hall of the temple compound and for some much needed rest when a voice called out.

“Feanar! Feanar!” shouted a sylvan elf running from inside the hall. Feanar turned to meet the elf named Alin, a junior acolyte, he smiled as the young elf ran up to him. “The young lad from the hill district is cured I heard.” Alin said smiling. Feanar returned the smile as best he could through his exhaustion “Yes, he was strong.” He replied simply. Alin looked at him and spoke again, “I won’t keep you as I’m sure you wish to take rest, but winter draws to a close, and Bishop Valeen had mentioned you will be taking your leave of us with the coming of spring, I just wanted to thank you for your tutelage.” Aline aid and bowed his head. Feanar put his hand on the sylvan elf’s shoulder and answered simply “There really is no need to thank me, Alin, you’ll make a far better healer than I probably will ever be. I will be leaving soon, but we Eldar live long lives, I’m sure our paths will cross again.” Feanar bid his farewell to Alin and made his way toward the residence hall.

Feanar was quartered on the top floor with other visiting clergy of the church of Correlon Larethian. His room was modest while still generous, he had a study/common room, a bedroom, and a small private bath. On entering he threw himself down into a comfortable velvet padded armchair by his desk. It was morning and he could feel fatigue clawing at him and his leaden eye lids. Feanar began to doze in his chair when he noticed the door to his balcony ajar and chill breeze blowing in, he saw the raven land, and his blood began to boil with alarm. He quickly snatched his long sword from next to the desk and sprang to his feet as the Raven changed into man form before his eyes and walked in from the balcony. Quickly Feanar calmed when he recognized the figure as Reidoth, elder druid of Thundertree standing before him. He sheathed his sword and sat back down. “If you’re at all curious, the door in fact does function.” Feanar said wryly.

Reidoth crossed the room and seated himself at a chair in front of Feanar and then spoke. “No one need know I am here save you.” He said flatly. Feanar poured himself some wine from a pitcher on his desk and offered Reidoth a goblet he accepted. “Just passing through?” Feanar inquired. Reidoth raised a brow as he drank, “you’ve gotten a touch sarcastic, adventuring will do that I suppose.” he said before continuing “No, I am here to pass on information. After you all departed I soon discovered a small group of the very cultists you have been pursuing from the dragon cult had secreted themselves in Thundertree.” Reidoth took another sip of wine before continuing. “I observed them out of curiosity for some time and their intentions were revealed, they had been watching Venomfang and had come to entreat his cooperation in their master’s gran schemes. Venomfang being too young and arrogant wanted no part of their machinations, and not 2 weeks past they departed Thundertree.” Reidoth explained.

Feanar paused before speaking and then asked. “That is interesting, but I’m sure there is more to tell me than just this, or you wouldn’t have traveled all this way.” Reidoth went on, “I followed them after they left, as I realized it likely they would return at some point with a dragon in Thundertree and in numbers. Instead of killing them outright I followed, and their path led here. I wanted to learn more of their intentions if I could.” Feanar said nothing but gave a sideways quizzical look at Reidoth who looked embarrassed and continued “..however, somehow they managed to elude my gaze here in the city and I knew you and at least some of your companions were wintering here in Waterdeep and might be of help.” Reidoth said hurriedly and then took a long drink of his wine. Feanar thought before speaking.

“I personally am interested, as would be my order, the only of my companions I could reach quickly would be Algares. He is running the streets with old ‘colleagues’ at the moment. He would likely be the most helpful in any regard.” Feanar spoke thinking aloud before looking back at Reidoth. “Will you be joining us?” he asked. “No, something urgent has arisen I must attend to some distance away requiring my speedy and immediate travel.” Feanar spoke again “Very well, I will look into this and should I learn anything or make and successful efforts I will send word.” He said to Reidoth. Reidoth rose and strode towards the open balcony door, he paused and looked back over his shoulder to Feanar and spoke. “Have care Feanar, whispers in the shadows and faint voices on the wind speak of the growing darkness here on the coast. Guard yourself and your allies well.” Reidoth then transformed into a large white owl and launched himself into the air. He flew with startling speed and soon disappeared in the distance. Feanar looked to the horizon long after Reidoth had disappeared, his respite of healing the sick and injured as opposed to fighting desperate battles appeared to be coming to an end. He took a long red scarf from inside his study and tied it to the balcony rail, time to call Algares.


That evening a Tiefling appeared out of the inky black on Feanar’s balcony and he greeted Algares. Feanar explained Reidoth’s information to Algares and suggested his contacts within the guild perhaps may have heard something, or in fact Algares may have. Algares thought for a time before speaking. “Do you think this is a fight you and I should take on alone?” he asked. “I do not think time is our ally in this, I’d prefer the others were present but we still have two weeks yet until the equinox before we all agreed to gather. I think we need to act quickly.” Feanar answered. Algares thought longer “I’ve heard nothing, but I’m sure someone has. I’ll look into it and send word.” Algares rose and walked out the balcony door, he spoke again, “two of us is less ways to split the find.” and he smiled, as a Tiefling he really did do the mischievous devil grin well. Then he disappeared over the rail into the night.


Later the next day Feanar received a runner at noon meal. The young boy gave him a sealed note from Algares which gave a street corner name and the time of midnight this evening. When darkness fell he gathered his equipment and slipped out the of the temple compound to the city streets of Waterdeep. There was no one save city guard in the temple district out, and they recognized him as a member of clergy and only bid him good evening and to have a care against sneak thieves. Feanar made his way across the city to just outside the wharf district where Algares note directed. He arrived at the corner. This end of town was far less reputable and there were a few unsavory folk about, who looked at Feanar and chose to give him a wide berth. He waited a few minutes until he heard a whispered voice from an ally behind him call his name. He stared into the black and could see a form he hadn’t noticed at first. When Feanar got closer he recognized Algares.

“Follow me.” Algares said flatly to him, and they moved off into the dark of the ally. They traveled a few minutes making a number of turns and both climbing and descending stairs until they arrived at a old ramshackle door into what looked to be an abandoned warehouse. Algares went to the door and manipulated some mechanism and then opened the door. They moved inside quickly and he closed and locked it behind them. They made their way down a dark hall into a room at the end. Algares lit a lamp and placed it on a table in the center of the room. It was an empty room save the table, a few chairs and empty shelves.

Algares went to a corner and grabbed a sea bag which he threw on the table. He then said to Feanar “The armor, you have to lose it, they’ll hear us before we even start.” He spilled the bag onto the table a set of studded leather armor fell out. Feanar made no protest and he changed. Algares then took out of small glass jar and said “You’ve got nice raven hair for thieving, but that pasty elf skin needs to be muddied up a bit.” he said handing the jar to Feanar. It was grease mixed with soot Feanar thought. He applied it liberally to his face and neck. “This place” Feanar said motioning around them. “It’s a guild drop spot and access point.” Algares said while Feanar finished with his grease paint. “Access point?” he asked Algares.

Algares moved over to the wall and reached to an unlit sconce which he turned downward. There wasa clicking noise of a heavy latch, and one of the shelves against the wall swung away revealing a cubbyhole behind it. In the alcove there was what looked like a smooth metal pole. Algares lit a torch and dropped it in the alcove and motioned Feanar over. Feanar looked down and he could see the torch about 40 feet below illuminating a shaft the pole ran down the middle of. “After you.” Algares motioned. Feanar grasped the pole and slid downwards. Algares was close behind him. There had been a noise of the door being closed behind them Feanar thought. The two of them then moved down a corridor at the bottom of the shaft about 100 feet Feanar estimated when they came to a heavy iron bound door. Algares peaked through a small speakeasy and then opened the door which swung outward.

They stepped out into the darkness of a tunnel, that was quite dark, and with an overpowering foul odor. He looked to Algares and spoke “The sewer?” “The sewer.” he answered. “Best way to get around town” Algares added. When they were both out Algares closed the door and Feanar could see from this side it was finished with stone work and when closed it looked just like the surrounding wall, nothing arcane, just an absolute masterpiece of camouflage. They turned and began making their way down a slight grade, towards the waterfront Feanar assumed. They only traveled about 20 minutes when Algares led him down a side tunnel with a channel in the middle of the floor. They came to another shaft leading upwards. There were metal wrungs in the side of the shaft and he could see a small round lit hole at the top. Feanar paused and then looked at Algares who was using his trademark devil grin and without Feanar saying a word Algares spoke “Oh yes, the privy, a masterful secret entrance.” Feanar sighed and then spoke performing his own grin back “After you.” He motioned.


The two of them climbed and thankfully no one chose to use the facility as they did. When they reached the top Algares tripped some latch and the privy swung to the side, likely unbeknownst to the users. They exited and quickly were able to check and exit the room into a hall. It was dimly lit and made a turn to the left at the end. Algares whispered to him “ Sources say three cultists are meeting someone here, some local dockworker thugs were hired as muscle but most are outside. Should just be a couple at most, the cultists, and their contact inside.” Feanar nodded and they made their way quietly down the hall. When they reached the turn Algares took out a small hand mirror and held it low at floor level in the shadows, using it to check the corner for a few moments before slowly withdrawing it.

Algares whispered again. “Two thugs and a closed door. They won’t be trouble, but I don’t see a way to be quiet.” he said. “Leave that to me.” Feanar answered closing his eyes and softly chanting, he then opened them and spoke to Algares “Move fast when I go round the corner.” Algares nodded and Feanar stepped around the corner and pointed towards the pair. They were drawn to his appearance immediately, but when they suddenly couldn’t hear each other, or themselves, or anything, they knew something was amiss. Algares charged around Feanar drawing his mystical long knife and charging the two thugs, who were silently drawing their weapons. Feanar was close behind Algares with his elvish long sword in hand. One of the thugs was pounding on the door to no avail when they reached the two.

Algares ducked under the one facing them’s swing and sank his long knife into the man’s mid section. Pain lanced across his face and he silently screamed as blood and entrails spouted from his mid section. The one pounding on the door turned to see Feanar charge, he raised his short sword but was too late as Feanar’s long sword slashed across his throat sending a bright red fountain of blood spraying across the floor. He dropped wordless to the floor. They wiped off their blades and quickly searched the two finding nothing. The spell of silence was still in effect and Feanar motioned to the door and pointed and then to his ears. Algares understood the spell stretched into the room beyond at least some. Then Feanar pointed at the door lock and to Algares and motioned to him ‘after you’. Algares quickly and silently worked the lock and then looked to Feanar nodding. Slowly his opened the door inward silently and peeked into the room before motioning to Feanar.

The two slipped inside and there were a number of crates and boxes stacked up with a narrow path into a somewhat large storage room. Across from the door was a table to their left in the room, with four men gathered around it. Algares pulled Feanar off to their right behind some crates and they watched. Three of the men, one with his back to them, and two on the left and right of the table were all dressed in robes and leather armor. The fourth was standing on the opposite side of the table and he was dressed in scale mail and a black cloak.

Feanar ducked back behind the crates. He motioned with his hands the table and cultists gathered around it. He made a hand sign they had used in other locations he intended to invoke and destructive spell in the midst of the four and he motioned for Algares to position himself to the right, out of view. Algares nodded and moved off to their right into the shadows and crates to the right of the cultists. When Feanar was certain Algares had enough time he stepped into the open and out of his silence effect. He quickly uttered a divine chant and pointed at the table. The scale mail clad cultist yelled and pointed at him just as his spell activated. There was a loud ringing of the very hammer of the gods on a anvil and explosion of dust and papers on the table.

The cultist seated on the left was blown over backwards in his chair. The scale mail clad opponent was thrown backwards into the wall behind him. The cultist to the right kept his footing but was also staggered backwards, as was the one with his back to Feanar. The two on their feet drew weapons and turned towards him beginning to charge. The one on the right only took a step and Feanar saw a crossbow bolt appear out the front of the man’s throat. There was a spray of bood outwards as he dropped his weapon and clutched at the pointed end of the bolt protruding from his neck before dropping forward onto his face.

The other cultist continued towards Feanar. Algares leapt from behind the crates and Feanar saw him spring towards the scale mail clad warrior with his long knife in hand. Feanar muttered a chant and lightning crackled across his left hand. His opponent swung a short sword at Feanar which he ducked and in return struck the cultist in his chest with the palm of his left hand. The lightning arced across the front of the cultist and he was thrown backwards the way he had come. He rolled and came to rest in an odd position and moved no more. Feanar began moving forward and saw Algares go sailing across the table towards the cultist that had been knocked over backwards on the left. Feanar could see the scale mail clad one was on his feet, long sword in hand. He looked at Feanar and threw the table aside.

Algares landed next to the downed cultist who was beginning to rise. There was a flash of his long knife and that cultist slumped without ever having regained his feet. The scale mail clad one charged Feanar his sword held high. Feanar spoke another quick chant and his hand crackled with lightning again but he was too slow and the warrior reached him swinging his sword. The blade caught Feanar on his right arm and it bit deeply, he missed his own mail suit. Pained lanced down his arm, but he was able to push the cultist aside and move forward. He spun around as the cultist turned and swung his own long sword, however, the cultist parried the blow and charged forward knocking Feanar down.

The scale mail clad warrior advanced on Feanar, his long sword held in both hands high. Feanar was trying to back away and get back to his feet when he saw the dagger blade appear in the cultists arm. Algares was back up and had thrown the blade burying it in their opponents arm. He screamed and nearly dropped his sword, but turned towards Algares. Feanar was then able to quickly chant again and wave thunderous energy swept out from him with clap and roar. The force hit the cultist full and he was thrown back into some crates. Clearly dazed when he stumbled back to his feet there was blood trickling from his eyes and ears. He held the sword in his good hand and pointed at Feanar and then said “Your souls will be ours…” he never finished the sentence as a second dagger from Algares buried itself into his left eye and he dropped.

The two of them busied themselves, Feanar quickly mended his arm with a healing prayer. He also gathered a number of pieces of correspondence and documents from a satchel he would review later, but was certain both Reidoth and his order would find useful. Algares located a fairly ornate footlocker and had been working on it some time when he stood throwing down his tools in frustration. “Can’t open it?” Feanar asked. “No, I can open it fine, I even disabled the poison dart, it’s the damnable gas dispenser I cannot fathom!” he spat. Feanar stood and walked over. “You take cover, I can handle a gas cloud.” Feanar already muttering a divine chant. Algares moved to the other side of the room and as Feanar opened the locker, a greenish yellow cloud of gas burst from it, simultaneously a gale of wind blew outwards and around Feanar dispersing the cloud instantly.

He opened it and Algares peeked around the corner to see and quickly hurried over. “Coin?! Jewels?! Tell me!” he asked looking over Feanar’s shoulder. Feanar reached in and hefted a couple leather sacks. “Coin for certain.” He said handing them back to Algares who hefted them. “Ooo, heavy, heavy is good.” he said. There was a small velvet bag which had a few stones in it, which he handed Algares as well, who in turn began taking them out and holding them to the light. There were a pair of vials, as well as some rolled parchment. In the bottom there was a folded dark velvet cloth which Feanar pulled back to see a faint glow. It caught Algares’ attention and he looked into the locker. “That’s a sight to see, if we can understand.” he said to Feanar. Feanar looked into the case and spoke, “I believe I know someone who can help.”

Thieves Guild
17th Marpenoth (Leaffall) , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

Riding up to the town with the group Algares couldn’t help but feel a stir of excitement. Returning home was a feeling of nostalgia but he had business to attend to. Giving his companions directions they each could stay and some key locations they should each visit he bid them farewell and if anyone needed to get ahold of him to tie a red sash outside of there place they were holding up.

Algares, now on foot and alone, slipped down an alley looking for tell-tail signs of where a checkpoint for the thieves’ guild could have been moved. Moving quickly thru the shadows of the back streets and alleys of shops and manors Algares soon found what he was looking for. A small piece of string hung on a lamppost outside a whorehouse.

“Of course” he chuckled to himself as he opened the door and stepped in.

He walked to the barkeep and examining him noticing the hidden weapon on him how nimbly he moved Algares knew the barkeep was a front.

“Good evening Tiefling,” the barkeep said “Drink or women we have both but the whore will cost you double”
“I am seeking a song bird tonight in exchange” Algares replied.

The barkeep raised his eyebrow looking Algares over; he then waved for Algares to follow him and grabbed a lantern. They walked down to the cellar together casting dark shadows against the granite walls. Several wine, beer, and mead barrels lined the walls and it smelled like stale alcohol and a sour smell that he images is rotting meat. The barkeep shifted a barrel and held out his hand.

“Exchange now,” the barkeep stated.

Algares handed him the silver and pushed passed him and stared at a hole in the ground with the bottom of the sewer a small drop a ways.
The barkeep still holding out his hand with the silver in it he says, “Hard times for some, profit for others”

“Who would know better than I,” Algares replied pocketing the coins he took from the barkeeps pocket when he pushed passed him. Algares hopped down pitch-black tunnel and started a light jog down the tunnel hearing the barrel being shifted back into place.

Algares reached a door and pulled out his tool kit, making easy work of the lock, Algares walked in finding a few fellow thieves sitting around a table and another bartender serving a few drinks to them in a well-lit room. Walking past the group and hearing a few snickers he walked to a man sitting in the back of the room.

“Nice to see you again,” Algares voices just louder than a whisper.
“Wish I could say the same to you,” Vasco replies, “I heard you failed your last mission”
“I can’t control every piece of garbage you put under my command”
“That’s not my issue. You will have to make up for it if you are wishing to return to us”
“Typical. Just name what you are after”
“I have something I would like you to acquire. I want to take a cloak from the Bastion manor”
“Mhmm and any specific conditions”
“Yes. You must take him with you,” Vasco replies and points to the Halfling sitting around the center table.
“I would prefer to take someone I know I can trust. I am sure you can appreciate that after the last mission going awry”
“I can but that is not the deal. Corkin is his name but he goes as Doublelock. He has details of the mission and has been scouting the manor for the last month. He is your best bet. Just give him this coin when you are ready” Vasco whispers as he slides the coin across the table.
“Tonight then” Algares replies as he picked up the coin. Walking over to the halfling he drops the coin on the table and whisper to the Halfling “Tonight meet at the South-east corner of the manor”
Walking to one of the cots in the large room Algares lays out to rest before the long night ahead of him.

Algares found the Halfling in the alley outside the manor walls waiting.

“Lets move before the private guards patrol through here” Doublelock whispered.
Algares kept his eyes open as he waited for the Halfling to scale the wall. The Halfling was soon over the wall and Algares waited for the signal to climb the wall himself. Soon there was a clicking stone on stone sound giving him the go ahead to come over the wall. Following the Halfling across the yard, moving from shrub to vases, and avoiding the patrolling guards until they reached the kitchen. The Halfling pushed open the door and Algares could see what he was guessing to be a maid sitting in the galley. Doublelock walked in confidently and the maid looked up in surprise and then rushed over to exchange a few words with the Halfling. Algares could see a small purse of coins being exchanged and then she left the way they entered.
“Small price to pay for the rest of the help not being in the manor.” Doublelock said, “You take the lead from here”

Algares nodded and took out his dagger. Moving quietly out the kitchen and into the dining room and then out to the hallway. Algares could hear the guard sleeping a chair in front of him and found himself smiling. Stepping past the guard, he rounded the corner of the hallways into the center of the house and up stairs making sure he didn’t make them creak. Once at the top he could here a patrolling guard from the right and stepped into the first door he reached while Doublelock was stuck in the middle of the stairs.

“Wha-“ was all the surprised guard could say before Algares slit his throat and then plunged the dagger into the mans heart.
“Sorry” Algares whispered into the man’s ear as he died. Doublelock grabbed the guard’s feet and they shuffled him in a corner of the hallway and hid him beside some near by drapes.
“Too close,” Doublelock said with some annoyance.
“Then maybe you should be faster,” Algares in a hushed voice.

Carefully entering the master bedroom Doublelock pointed out. They both entered the room to find Lord Bastion snoring in his bed. Walking to trunk at the edge of the bed Algares checked the trunk for any trap or alarm sounding mechanism. Satisfied there was none he started locking picking the chest. Pushing it open he found the trunk empty except for a note at the bottom. Algares picked it up and read it out loud.


Algares looked up to see Lord Bastion sitting up in bed with a hand crossbow in his hands. Algares raised his hands and whistled at Doublelock to pay attention and do the same. Doublelock followed along with his back against the door.

“Guards!” Lord Bastion called out. “Now tell me what exactly are you looking for.”
“The cloak,” Doublelock replied, “guessing you aren’t going to hand it over easily”
“I think not.”
“Too bad.” Doublelock said as he threw his knife at Lord.

The blade sank in to the Lord’s shoulder as he fired the crossbow. Doublelock yelled, the bolt had hit him in his thigh. Algares didn’t waste time and lunged at the Lord stabbing the large man in the gut.

“Tell me where the cloak is and I won’t kill you” Algares snarled at the man.
“It’s under the… the mattress” Lord Bastion said struggling to talk with the blade still in him.
“Thanks.” Algares said as he cut the Lord’s throat. “Sorry, I lied.”

The Halfling locked the doors and was attempting to pull the bolt out of his leg. “I think it broke the bone,” Doublelock exclaimed as he decided to break the bolt than to damage the leg further. Outside the guards were shouting and raising the alarm and Algares could hear the sound of boots stomping up the stairs and down the hall.

“I hope you are light on your feet!” Algares shouted as he lifted up the mattress grabbing the cloak.

“Ha. Ha. You’re real funny one huh” Doublelock said as Algares supported him and walked him over to the window. The guards were starting to pound on the door trying to bash there way in and screaming for whomever had the keys.
Algares threw a desk chair out the window shattering window and then pushing the Halfling out into the darkness. He heard the Halfling landing and screaming in pain. Algares thinking that the Halfling probably landed on his bad leg as he jumped out the window himself. Landing a little harder than he wanted he recovered and scooped up the Halfling and started running for the manor walls side exit. He could see some troops opening the gate and them running for the manor front doors. Algares pushed himself and the Halfling into a large bush and waited for them to run by. Above him in the window he could hear the guards breaking the doors and screaming that they went out window and to start searching the courtyard.

Too late Algares thought to himself as he moved closer to side exit. He wasn’t planning on going through the thoroughly watched gate but into the drain run off that went to the sewer below. Crouching at the sidewall and the bars leading to sewer that Doublelock cut earlier, he pushed the Doublelock into the hole and crept into himself. They followed the sewers for a half hour before the Halfling passed out from the pain of moving. Algares knew they were safe but they had to keep moving. Half carrying and half dragging the Halfling behind them they finally reach the hideout’s front door. Algares knelt unlocked the doors and stumbled in yelling, “We need medical attention!”

A group of men stood up and carried the Halfling on to a table and one of them started working on him. Vasco found Algares sitting in a chair next to the sleeping and fixed up Halfling. “I would like to know what happened,” Vasco demanded.

Algares told the story of what happened and believed that the maid Doublelock paid off wasn’t as trustful as he predicted. “Hmm,” Vasco said, “this was suppose to be fairly simple. Lord Bastion death is not what I wanted at all. This is going to be a bit of a set back. The guild leader has decided to abandon this safe house and we have sent a couple of men to start spreading rumors so they can’t get too close to who we are.”

Vasco stood up and started to pace “As bad as this went you did well for yourself, saved your companion, retrieved the cloak, and kept your identity hidden. You passed the trial. Keep the cloak as a token of this trial.” Vasco started to walk and turned to say, “Hard times for some, profit for others”

“Who would know better than I” Algares muttered as he held the cloak in his hand. He then walked out the door.

Ezra explores a new trade
Apprentice Alchemist
20th Nightal (The Drawing Down) , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

Late in the evening in the woods outside of Waterdeep Erza was in search of the famed Nightjoy Mushroom, fabled to only bloom in te last Full moon of the Fall. Late this night Ezra brought along his hireling Hog Desto to aid in his search. The night was growning long and the Moon had reached it’s Apex. Sudden;y Desto lurched forward.

“He has a scent!” Ezra through to him self as he held on tight as the hog moved quickly snorting at the p. ground.

Suddenly the hog ran into an elderly man and glanced up in surprise. Erza looked up as well and noticed this Human was holding his prize.

“Put down the shroom!” Ezra shouted grabbing for his Battle Axe. realizing he was unarmed and his Axe lay in pieces in the Wave Echo cave he readied for a fist full of battle.

“Calm your self child, you’ve no need for such agony this beauty will bring” the old man says.

“Agony!? Erza yeps in suprise them are good eating! And them are mine!” Erza shouted as the veins in his head begin to pulse wildly as his rage began to build.

“Young man, these beauties are not for consumption. But I can show you what they are good for.” the Old man said. “Shall we?” he says gesturing to the woods.

Erza stood intrigued, glancing down at the floor he realized there were hundreds of Nightjoys all about. They must have bloomed as he was yelling at the old man. He quickly gathered a few bundles and scampered to follow the old man.

“The name is Cornelias Bega” the old man said as he stopped and pulled a small branch from a nearby tree. and pulled out a small carvers knife. As he sharpened the knife he handed Ezra the Nightjoy he had been holding. Go and crush that up and bring it back here.

Ezra quickly ran over to the nearest boulder and crushed the Nightjoy. As he returned with the reminisce he saw that Cornelis had built a small trap. Cornelis took the crushed Nightjoy and placed it in a small vial. Grabbing another vial from his belt he pored in a murky solution and mixed them together.

With a small dropper Cornelius dripped the solution on the tips of the trap and set it.


“We must hurry back if we are to gather all of the mushroom we will return shortly.” Cornelis said as he motioned back down the path they had come.

After the two gather all of the mushrooms they returned to the site of the trap. It had been triggered and a few print lay in the snow. upon closer investigation Ezra noticed a rather large rabbit only one hop away from the trap.

“Is her dead?” Ezra said in bewilderment.

“Oh no dear boy, only paralyzed. The meat taste better the more fresh we cook it” Cornelis said.

“Eat him!? yuk I will never understand you humans.” Ezra said as he followed Cornelis back towards Waterdeep. “You have got to show me what you did though, that could prove useful next time the Bugbears try to set a trap again.”

“Bugbears you say? do tell lad, do tell.” Cornelis said as the two made their way back packs full of Nightjoy.

Cleansing the Wave Echo Cave (Session 9 Recap)
8th Marpenoth (Leaffall) , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

  • After the defeat of Nezznar The Black Spider (Deceased) The group explores the remainder of the Wave Echo Cave. They discover the Green Flame that powers the cave with magic energy.
  • The party destroys the dark forces guarding the eastern half of the mines including a pair of spectators who were summoned to protect the last magic weapons and armor made in the cave, a pair of wraiths who were mages in ages past whose spirits were trapped in the mine after the battle long ago. Both creatures of hate, they were sent to their final rest and a pair of magical guardians known as flaming skulls.
  • The party rescued Gundren’s Younger brother, Neonor. Returning to Waterdeep to meet Gundren Rockseeker and finalize the arrangements for the mine.
    The living party members at the time of the deal, Algares, Buh, Erza, Feanar, and Harndur are all due to receive 10% of the mines profits starting when production starts and payable on the 1st of the year in full.
  • The money can be picked up at the offices of Hagelstien Wanner, a halfling attorney representing the mine in Waterdeep.
  • The party agrees to winter in Waterdeep for three months and to meet up at the Prancing Pony in three months time……
Into the Wave Echo Cave...(Session 8 Recap)
Where Orsik the Dwarven Warrior meets his untimely end....
7th Marpenoth (Leaffall) , The Year of the Warrior Princess (1489 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

  • The party travels from the Neverwinter wood to the Vales of the Sword Mountains, ten miles east of the ruins of Phandalin. Gundren Rockseeker provided a map to the entrance of the Wave Echo Cave.
  • The party find the entrance to the Wave Echo Cave and discovers one of Gundren brothers, deceased. The party drops into he cave which is 20’ underground. The Cave is an old mine where a huge battle was waged 500 years earlier between the dwarves, gnomes and human wizards and rampaging orcs.
  • The cave is dark and breezy. Every 2-3 minutes a huge sound and rumbling rocks the caves as it sounds like a wave is crashing against rocks.
  • The party explores several caves and rooms finding various undead, stirges, a yellow Ochre, and in the northwest area of the cave the party confronts a room full of bugbears working for the Spider.
  • The party rests for 8 hours while the Black Spider and his remaining servants set an ambush for the party in the tempe room to the north.
  • The party rescues Gundren’s third brother and an elf who were held captive by The Black Spider.
  • The exploration continues……
Breakfast in the Moon Keep

Feanar’s eyes opened and he squinted at the bright sunlight shining through the window into his room. He looked towards the ceiling from the bed he lie in. He and his companions had arrived at the Moon Keep, HQ of The Order of the Secret Flame, late the previous evening. He looked at the painted relief work on the ceiling, some ancient scene of one of the order’s deeds. He looked towards the open window, he could see blue sky broken by a few high white clouds through the opening. Feanar threw off his blankets and swung his feet from bed. He was still sore and stiff from the trials and battles of their last two weeks. Rising from the bed he dressed in a pair of trousers, light colored linen shirt, well made traveler’s boots and on top wore a grey woolen surcoat cinched with a belt at his waist. His armor and weapons were arranged in a corner of the room. He had no need of them secure here within the mystically concealed confines of the Moon Keep in Neverwinter Wood.

Feanar opened the heavy wide iron bound oaken door from his room to the hallway outside. The hall itself was quite wide and carpeted. The stone walls were generously decorated with paintings and alcoves containing sculptures. There were tapestries hung from the ceiling high over head as well. While he walked all sort of order members were moving to and fro up the hall, all bidding him a good morn which he returned. He realized he had slept later than he intended to, even a half elf must take rest at some point he admitted to himself. When he reached the end of the hallway it opened into a grand banquet room which he entered.

The room was a post and beam structure that had a ceiling even taller than the hallway. The Moon Keep itself was enormous and followed a very non linear path. Its layout would have made little sense to an architect, but to a powerful archmage fashioning a mystical fortress it made perfect sense. There were other banquet halls and quarters within the keep but Feanar and his companions, along with the survivors of Phandalin had been lodged in the guest wing. The room had one wall to the left of where he entered that had enormous ceiling to floor windows that bathed the entire room in bright sunlight. The room had a number of long tables with benches, as well as, round tables surrounded by chairs. There was food laid out on all even though the room itself was not full. The order had any number of gusts coming and going and at all hours of the day and night, so they were ready to feed and care for traveler’s at any time.

Feanar strode across the room, there were a number of the Phandalin children running and playing in the hall. They were laughing and seemed to be enjoying themselves, which was heartening to see given what they had been through. Finally Feanar found a round table with his companions. Orsik, Buh and Varis were all seated next to one another, and were devouring platters piled with food, between bites and chewing Feanar could hear comments. “…bacon…..crispy…” “…mm, good eggs,” “honey!” they were all chewing swallowing and nodding to one another. Orsik paused to wipe his mouth and beard, he released a somewhat restrained belch and spoke “Good morn tah ye master cleric” he said to Feanar. “You as well Orsik, I assume the food is too your liking, please don’t let me interrupt” Feanar answered smiling and motioning to the food on the table. Orsik smiled and went back to chewing and the running commentary with Varis and Buh.

Feanar sat in a chair and filled a large handle-less earthen mug with hot strong black tea, to which he added a generous amount of honey and cream. He took some warm black bread with a slab of butter and farmer’s cheese, as well as, some of the already group blessed bacon and began to eat as well. Erza and Algares were seated across from him and were busy with plates piled as well with what looked to be a number of fruits, cheeses, and bread. While Feanar ate Harndur entered and sat next to him. He filled a flagon with mead and took handful of cracked hazelnuts and a large wedge of hard cheese, he quickly downed the first flagon and filled it again. He spoke to Feanar “Good day to you kinsman, your order’s accommodations are quite comfortable.” Feanar answered “The order is accustomed to its members engaging in the same sort of endeavors as I have with you all, consequently they are accustomed to the oppressed and hopeless arriving at their door.”

Feanar and Harndur continued to eat and chat as did the others, the talk was simple and the mood light and relaxed. For them to be in place where they could fully take rest was a welcome change from the last days and weeks. While seated there a halfling dressed in a well fit leather brigandine carrying a number of daggers and long knives walked over to Feanar who was surprised and spoke first “Well met Alistair, I have not seen nor heard of you in months.” Feanar said the halfling. Alistair in turn smiled widely and shook Feanar’s hand. “Well met to you as well brother Feanar, I was leaving and heard at the last moment you were here. I wanted to at least shake your hand and bid you good tidings.”

“A pity you must leave, I wish I would have known you were here at the Keep.” Feanar remarked. Alistair took a drink of tea and ate a small piece of bread. He answered “I’ve been here a few days, but the high council asked me to hurry off on a task, I must sail south and far to the east, to the great waste of the Arad.” Feanar looked puzzled but he also smiled “The darkness here on the sword coast is not enough challenge for your blades and skills?” Feanar teased. Alistair smiled and replied “Clearly not if they think you’re up to the challenge. They tell me what I go to do actually bears meaning back here. Who am I to say, in any event it’s likely it would have been months if not longer before our paths may have crossed so I wanted to pay you good wishes, but now I must take my leave.” Alistair stood and bowed to Feanar and his companions. “Good fortunes to you all, and keep yourself safe brother Feanar” and with that the halfling walked out of the hall.

Feanar stared after him and Harndur’s voice broke his thoughts “A friend I assume?” he asked of Feanar. “Yes, we came to the order at the same time and worked together on a number of tasks. He is quite skilled with his blades if need be, and better and not being seen at all.” Feanar answered. Harndur remarked taking a drink from his flagon “Pity, we could likely use the help ourselves.” Feanar nodded in agreement and at that moment Gundren Rockseeker came to the table and sat down. He filled a platter with food and dove into with both hands. He chewed thoroughly obviously quite happy with the fare and then spoke. “So, lets talk about this damn Wave Echo Cave and finding me brothers…..”

Orsik's Reflection

Orsik wandered through the once small village which his kin had traded stone works with since its founding over four decades ago. Fire smoldered as the last building crashed down as weakened supports gave way to the weight of the ashen roofs. Orsik tugged at his armor, the new mail he and his father had made never felt as good as the studded leather he was given in his youth.

“Them damned Rip Guts are at it again, we must drive them back to the foot of the mountains before they sack more villages” Thrain grumbled as he kicked aside a small rock.

“If we follow their tracks we may be able to stop them before they back it back to camp.” Orsik said as he motioned his four friends to follow.


Orsik suddenly snapped back from his day dream, remembering his old clan mates how meet their demise months back in that dastardly Goblin ambush.

Whilst facing those Hobgoblins in the halls of Cragmaw Castle Orsik had never felt completely comfortable in the heavy armor that he wore. Although the weight did not hinder him and the armor did well to stop the slashing and piercing weapons wielded by his foe, he never felt the sense that his armor worked with him.

“These many weeks have brought much combat to me. Never had I needed to push myself to these limits to ensure the safety of others nor myself.” Orsik thought as the horse trotted slowly behind the wagon carrying the survivor of the massacre at Phanalin.

“For some reason, these trials have done more for my skills than the years of training and skirmishes with the Rip Gut tribes. My armor is light, and my hammer is happy, yet my shield has grown lonesome.” He thought as he looked down at his shield he had all but cast aside in the past months.

Just then Erza ran up alongside Orsik. “You, you, you gotta show me some of those moves Orsik! Fighting is much more fun when I can bring those big guys down to my level.” Erza shouted as they continued down the trial.

“Ahh, yes. They like to underestimate our stature, believing their size alone will best us. I shall show you the moves, if only you clean yourself up if even a little bit. Your smell is overwhelming.” Orsik groaned as his nose wrinkled upder the ripe smell Ezra let off.

Just then Erza’s face was clean as a whistle, and a small murmur came from the tree line. “There you go Orsik” Buh said in his newly found voice. Erza suddenly, swung his stash of mushroom he had found around his back as if to hide them from Buh and scampered off.

“Glad to see you are well, Buh. That trinket you had been mentioning does wonders for you. Best we not lose it again for fear that the others be consumed by your wild magic. Least my beard may grow back in time.” Orsik said.

“Yes, of course. We must also make plans what we will do after we bring these women and children to safety. Phandaliin must be rebuilt and their denizens avenged!” Buh said as his town grew angrier as his thoughts wondered back to the scene of Phandalin.

“”/wikis/gundren-rockseeker" class=“wiki-page-link”> Gundren had mentioned he will work to rebuild the town as soon as the Wave Echo Cave has been cleared and made ready for production. Whatever that means. Maybe it best to help him secure the location, after we know these women and children are safe with Faenar’s order." Orsik said ponderously.

Buh grunted in quite agreement as we walked toward the back of the caravan ready to make his rounds on patrol once again.

The Order of The Secret Flame


Feanar stood in the bright moonlight looking south along the riverbank. He was about 100 meters from the edge of the treeline of Neverwinter wood. The dense foliage of the ancient evergreen forest prevented any moonlight from penetrating it, and it looked like a black smear silhouetted by the seemingly blinding illumination thrown by the last autumn harvest moon. The river cut a wide swath through this point in the wood as it was fairly deep and rocky. Just to the north of him lay a natural fording point in the river. He could hear the steady sound of the rushing water as it cascaded over the rocks and sand of the ford. The river bank was also rocky but there was a worn path from the wood down to the river edge here, and another leading up into the woods opposite.


The ford created a natural choke point and a perfect place for an ambush. Wagons with their beasts of burden slowed and mired in the water would be simple targets for archers and as such the team was scouting the area thoroughly. Had they been alone and moving at speed Feanar and his companions would probably not have taken as much caution and instead used stealth and speed to protect themselves, however, moving several wagons with the recently liberated survivors of Phandalin, that was an approach not available to them. Feanar panned his gaze back and forth along the opposite bank and treeline. He saw no hint of trouble. It appeared this crossing would be as simple as the last two days travel since they left Cragmaw Castle, after slaying the Cragmaw Clan there and freeing the captives from Phandalin.

Feanar watched as a dark robed figure approached him from the north on the same side of the bank as himself, when he was close, Feanar was able to see the features of Buh. He had drawn up his robe and gathered them closely to himself, the nights of Marpenoth were cold and damp, heralding the coming of winter. Feanar could see the half-orc’s breath as he approached. He spoke to Feanar “The bank and wood line to the north appear clear.” Buh said in a flat even tone. Feanar was still growing accustomed to his half-orc companion’s new found speaking skills, since having found some arcane trinket in the Cragmaw Castle, Buh had seemingly transformed verbally. He was still whimsical and surprisingly, given his heritage, the surviving children of Phandalin were quite amused by him and his arcane antics. Feanar answered “I agree, I see nothing of concern either”.

Just then Feanar and Buh’s gaze were drawn to the opposite shore and movement, they could see a four legged creature of some type bounding across rocks and hopping its way across the ford. As it drew closer, the outline of a fox was clear and about ten feet from them it leapt from a rock into the air and flipping. When it landed it was in fact Harndur, their druid group member. He spoke to them mildly breathless from the combination acrobatics and shape shifting display. “I saw no sign of ambush or issue, I believe we smashed the better part of the Iron Ring forces, and Cragmaw goblins at the castle”. It seemed likely the bloody defeat their group had handed both the goblins and slavers at the castle had in fact likely been a major and far reaching blow for quite some distance in the Neverwinter wood. They had seen no sign of trouble the entire journey.

Buh called out to the wood line on their side of the river and gradually the form of horse drawn wagons appeared. They shifted and rocked their way down to the river’s edge and began the crossing. The three of them boarded separate wagons and settled down for the crossing. Feanar seated himself next to Varis, who was driving the middle wagon. Glancing back into their covered wagon he could see several children sleeping against women, some their mothers, others simply survivors, all were what remained of the townsfolk of Phandalin. The crossing was a sort of jarring back forth procession, and yet still their passengers slept. A combination of bone weariness and the knowledge they were in fact safe in the company of the group gave a comfort to the townsfolk which in turn led to sound sleep apparently.

Varis spoke “You said it’s not far after the crossing, did you not?” he asked of Feanar. “Not far at all really, no more than a few stone’s throw from the treeline into the woods” Feanar answered. Varis was asking of the location of Feanar’s order’s hidden retreat. The Order of The Secret Flame had concealed their holdfast with a number of illusions and powerful arcane artifices cast by wielders of enormous magical power. It was quite secure and would serve as an excellent location to find the citizens of Phandalin sanctuary, as well as, provide the group a means to gather its strength and take measure of its accomplishments from a location of safety. Their small caravan had seemingly just left the wood line entrance from the ford behind them when Feanar called out for them to stop. He dismounted the wagon and walked forward of the lead wagon, which was manned by Harndur, Erza and Algares.

Feanar strode less than 100 feet forward of their wagons and stopped. The nature of forest changed on this side of the river, there were fewer evergreens and more hardwoods, aspen mostly. The ground on either side of the trail was thick with briars and thorny hedges, physically impenetrable and nearly visually as well, likely even during the day. Feanar softly spoke an arcane phrase and the thicket on the right side of the trail silently and slowly parted revealing a path leading off into the dark. Feanar walked back to the wagons and signaled them to proceed. He waited until all three passed by and made their way a short distance up the pathway before he followed. He spoke a different phrase and the thicket began to close behind them covering their procession as if the forest itself had swallowed the caravan.


Feanar jogged forward along the wagon procession and hopped onto a running board of the lead wagon. He looked to Harndur with the reins and said “Not far from this point, a few minutes at most” He could see Harndur nod in the faint light of the moon. The night sky was able to penetrate the forest canopy a bit on this side of the river unlike the opposite side from which they had just come. As the procession made it’s way along the trail briars sprang from the ground and once they passed there was no trail to be found along the forest floor behind them. A clearing appeared before them as they proceeded and opened into a large, open, circular glade in the forest. It was ringed by tall, straight aspen. The trees seemed almost aligned and stood like silent guards.


Feanar jumped down from the lead wagon and walked forward. He looked skyward and the full moon seemed to be nearly directly overhead. He spoke another incantation and shortly it appeared like the moonlight began to almost have snow flake like sparkling within it, the moonbeam became brighter and in the center of the glade it all seemed to focus and coalesce and then fade. When it dimmed there was what appeared to be a ghostly set of large double doors standing by themselves in the open. They shimmered and wavered in everyone’s vision, spectral like. Feanar walked forward and motioned for the wagons to follow. When he reached the large doors he swung a knocker attached at a man’s height. Large torches in sconces on either side burst into flame and lighted the area by the door. The doors themselves swung inward on their own and light spilled from inside the portal into the glade. Feanar walked forward motioning for the wagons to follow. Orsik had dismounted and was walking beside him. He spoke “Very impressive, wha name do ye all call it?” he asked “The Moon Keep” Feanar replied directly. “Moon Keep?!? Tha’s nae terribly imaginative dont ya think?” Orsik asked. Feanar laughed “I don’t think it was named by an elven poet, if that’s what you mean.” He answered Orsik.

The doors closed behind them and vanished when the last wagon passed through the ghostly portal. They were inside what looked like an enormous stable and barn. Pens and corrals stretched off right and left of the entrance and into the distance. The townsfolk and others were descending from the wagons. Gnomes, elves, humans, and dwarfs were scurrying about tending to livestock and beasts of burden of one type or another. The room had massive post and beam supports and it stretched upwards as well into a number of floors with balconies overlooking the main stable floor. The structure was enormous with the posts larger across than a man’s height, carved from gargantuan trees. The needs of a city could clearly be met by what the facility had within it.

As they were gathering a small white haired gnome in a plain gray robe walked from the opposite side of the floor towards them. He was carrying a wooden staff that ended in the shape of a wizened hand and had a scrunched somewhat grumpy look on his face. As he walked towards Feanar and the group some of children of Phandalin were looking and giggling while pointing at him. “Wha?!” he snorted “Have tha lot of ya never seen a gnome?!” He asked and stuck out his tongue at them, they giggled louder and he smirked. He turned and addressed Feanar.
“Feanar, looks as tho yev found yerself some friends” the gnome said smiling.


Feanar responded “Well met Ebaneezer, indeed, good and honorable companions.” he paused looking at the still giggling children and the sullen faces of the women of Phandalin before continuing “and unfortunately what remains of the good folk of Phandalin. Their souls are weary with the burden and toils visited on them by slavers and goblin kind. I was hoping to obtain succor and sanctuary for them here.” Feanar said to Ebaneezer who in turn answered “Oh, a course, we’ll see ta their needs an find them a path and way in tha wicked world we all find ourselves in. The lot a you look as though ye could use a bed, bath, an proper meal if ahm nae mistaken.” Ebaneezer looked and spoke to everyone. “Welcome to ye all, welcome to tha Moon Keep and tha Order a tha Secret Flame, ye be amongst friends, follow me, tah food n rest” He turned and led them the way he came.


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