Venomfang - The Vanquisher

An adult green dragon with a lair in ruined Thundertree


An adult green dragon with a body 25’ long. Unusually insidious for one of his kind. At 102 years of age, Venomfang has come into his own as an adult dragon. He recently gained the ability to cast arcane spells and has vanquished at least two parties of adventurers and killed members of another powerful adventuring party on two separate occasions.

It is said recently the Cult of the Dragon has been involved with Venomfang. There is an old ruined tower in the north part of Thundertree that Venomfang is rumored to keep his horde. The tower was recently adorned with at least 20 corpses of adventurers who have met their fate at the claws and teeth of Venomfang.

The area around his lair for half a mile is a tangled mess of thorns and gnarled trees. The little animals in the area that stray to close to his lair are ensnarled in a fey state where Venomfang can use their senses to see and hear.

Venomfang is rumored to love artifacts and arcane items.



Venomfang is an adult green dragon who recently took up residence in a ruined wizards tower in Thundertree. The party disturbed the slumber of Venomfang and upon hearing the warning, “How dare you disturb my lair!” The barbarian Erza charged up a flight of stairs to confront the dragon in the ruined tower in Thunder Tree. This encounter ended in the death of Mival Siannodel, Chorkan Akash (Deceased), and Fineas Dunbaern (Deceased).

During this battle Venomfang lost his left eye to Chorkan Akash (Deceased), but gained some lore and items to add to his horde.

The party returned almost a year later to the same location and due to very poor planning and a lack of any discernible tactics was decimated by the powerful dragon.

Algares (Deceased), Erza (Deceased), and Smee (Deceased) all paid the the iron price for their foolishness.

Venomfang - The Vanquisher

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