Nezznar The Black Spider (Deceased)

Drow Elf Mage exploring The Wave Echo Cave


The one known as the Black Spider ordered the kidnapping of Gundren Rockseeker by the Cragmaw tribe. The Spider gave orders to Iarno Albrek and the Redbrands before their defeat and dissolution. A letter addressed to Iarno from the Black Spider requested the deaths of the adventurers who had come to Phandalin and asked around for Gundren.

A letter found in Glassstaff’s desk in the hideout:


The Black Spider was a Drow Elf Mage by the name of Nezznar. Nezznar had plotted to explore the Wave Echo Cave for any remaining items and possibly restart the mines operation.

The Black Spider was dispatched by the dancing scimitars of Varis Reardon during a battle in the depths of Wave Echo Cave.

Nezznar The Black Spider (Deceased)

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