Hamun Kost (Deceased)

Red Wizard of Thay, Netheril researcher


Human wizard, stout and sallow skinned with a shaved scalp tattooed with the Thayan symbol for necromancy.


This Red Wizard of Thay is intent on researching the ruins of ancient Netheril, a long lost human empire that mastered the necromantic arts. A necromancer himself, Kost hopes to glean magical secrets from Netheril that will better his own magical skill. He is also a keen purveyor of magical items, though not set up as a trader. He was last seen operating with the assistance of raised zombies at Old Owl Well.

The party encountered him and ended his cursed existence. Harndur managed to bypass a small army of zombies to get to Kost by leaping over them in the form of a lion.

Hardur then shapeshifted into a bear and crushed the necromancers skull against the ruins of the Netherilese watchtower.

Hamun Kost (Deceased)

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