Banshee of the Neverwinter Wood


Female elven banshee


This once beautiful elf was cursed to become a banshee when she betrayed her family by giving up the secrets of the Neverwinter Wood to her human lover, a Netherese named Dargind who killed her whole family and her once he had lost his use for her. Known for her expansive wisdom, she is often sought out by adventurers but appears for few and can be openly hostile, having been tricked by mortals in her past.

The Bard Mival Siannodel managed to gain the banshee’s favour and the answering of a question, which he did as part of a bargain with Sister Garaele of Phandalin, by appealing to the Banshees vanity and performing a beautiful ballad on the lute.

The party discovered the Spellbook of the wizard Bowgentle was traded to book to a necromancer named Tsernoth from the city of Iriaebor more than a hundred years ago.


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