Swords for Adventure

The Waterdeep Conclave


Tynarion paced back and forth across the floor of the antechamber leading into the great hall in the city of Waterdeep. He and his companions were awaiting the notice to enter and speak with the council. It had been a bit more than a week since their return from the flying ice castle. They had related the experiences and provided various journals and written correspondence of high ranking cult members, along with the ashes of Renzler. During the intervening time they had been treated well enough by members of the various groups. They had also busied themselves with efforts into their new manor house and grounds, but little other had been said to them other than they would be called to this council meeting.

Kori spoke and broke the silence as they all waited. “They dither and talk when they should be acting.” He offered to the room as the members of the Stone Guard that were present waited.

Tynarion stopped pacing and replied. “I would agree they seem somewhat lethargic in responding to the notion of a spy ring in their capitol and now word of a flying ice castle.”

Harndur looked up from the settee he was seated on by some windows and joined the conversation. “No doubt they are taking steps we may not be aware of.” Harndur offered.

“That is worrisome as the information seems somewhat one way in its direction.” Kori responded.

“I think they may still be vetting us as trustworthy or not.” Jin added to the talk.

Mordecai turned from the floor to ceiling window he had been looking out onto the city and he spoke as well. “I believe they have likely made a decision about precisely this point and likely that is the purpose of the this meeting. To move us to some next level of trust.”

Kori snorted. “Do you trust them?” He asked Mordecai who in turn answered. “My dear friend from the exotic far eastern realms, I am half devil and no one ever fully trusts me, as a consequence I never feel obliged to return the courtesy.” Mordecai answered, bowing. Kori snorted again and smiled. Mordecai then turned to his brother Tynarion. “Well brother, you look the right and proper elf nobleman, I’m sure you’ll do smashing.” He said wryly and bowing even more deeply in an overt sarcastic fashion.

Tynarion shook his head. “My ever supportive kin.” He answered in his best feigned snobbish tone.

The doors to the chamber opened and a steward exited. “My lords, the council bids you welcome and invites you to join this moot in regards to the growing menace.”


Tynarion straightened his collar and surcoat and turned to his companions. “Shall we gentlemen?” and waved them all towards the chamber doors. The present members of the Stone Guard strode into the chamber.


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