Swords for Adventure

Smee falls

Smee stared in disbelief. He knew he had Cesar Milaned the great drake perfectly yet the beast just brushed him aside without a care. He looked around, seeing Handur’s barely stable body lying against the tower’s exterior. The great wyrm stared balefully at him, and Smee charged wielding his club. He landed a couple solid blows looking for important nerve roots within the dragon’s muscles but to no avail. As the dragon turned to face Erza just emerging from around the corner of the hut, Venomfang flicked his tail towards the pirate. Smee felt something pop in his neck and his vision faded to black.
A moment later, seemingly, he was blinded by a bright light. He could sense the light, but it was not like he had known seeing in his life. After a moment, the light faded and he could see the entrance to a grand feasting hall in the distance. Busty topless wenches sated the guests with drugs, booze, and food and they sang and fought merrily. Smee tried to climb towards the vision, feeling a weight holding him back more than he could have hoped to resist. He turned and looked into the abyss below, past his friends who had been killed, into the Nether.
“Come to me, join the rest of your crew’s souls in the everdark,” rumbled a great, booming voice, and for the first time in his life Smee felt the cold grip of terror in his soul as he was plunged into the void.


Iandimitri004 Mstrickland

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