Swords for Adventure

Sanctuary in the encampment of the Rakasta

29th Mirtul (May) , The Year of Star Wanderers (1490 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)


Mordecai adjusted the flame on the oil lamp. It was on a desk in a tent he and his companions were sleeping in for the evening, provided by the Rakasta merchant caravan they had encountered in the hinterlands of the Isle of Dread during their expedition. He was up late going through a tome of the history of the Lorderian Empire, an ancient sea faring empire that had populated dozens of isles in the seas west of Faerun for millenia before inextricably disappearing over 1000 years ago. Some speculated they had fallen victim to the Necro War in some fashion. He had recovered a pair of very old copper coins from a trio of ogre they had slain several days prior and this was his first chance to really examine them well.


Here in the Rakasta encampment they were quite secure, the perimeter patrolled by enormous horse sized predatory working felines the Rakasta kept. The tent itself they were in was a lengthy, very tall expedition style shelter, with side poles and a number of center support poles. It was made from a very fine, but surprisingly robust kind of silk. The merchant’s had impeccable hospitality and had offered the group the use of it for 10 days if they liked. Mordecai had been examining the coins and reading for several hours. The rest of the group had taken rest, even Harndur was deep in elven meditation. Mordecai had wanted to take some time to thoroughly examine the coins, as well as, spend some time organizing field notes he had made of the trek across the island so far. He would take a few horus rest before they set out the next day. They wanted to press on to the ruins in the central plateau of the island.


He could hear the rest of the team sleeping, snores, and breathing amongst them. It had been a strenuous march so far, through quite thick jungle bush, and in less than ideal temperatures. The battle with the trio of ogres was not too difficult for them, but sadly it had ended the lives of their coastal guides horrifically. The ogres seemed to be a sub species set of what one might typically encounter in the wilds of Faerun. Mordecai had noticed in his travels that ogres tended to acclimate readily to the environment and culture of other indigenous humanoids readily, whereas orcs tended to be quite singular and homogenous in their culture and society, with nothing other than minor dialect differences in their native tongue, as well as, clan affiliation, to differentiate them.


The coins were of interest though, as other than references in texts, and some token artifacts, among a few ship wrecks and minor settlements, no Lorderian cities, or even large towns, had ever been excavated. If these ruins proved to be related, the find would be quite singular. It was also be of great interest to a number of scholarly orders. The more practical benefits would be if any of the Lorderians sea faring lore and artifices could be found. They were masters of star charting and navigation, as well as, shipwrights second to none. Their designs, if the texts and historical accounts are to be believed, were vessels that have not since been matched. They also used to great a effect an alchemical compound in their naval warfare known as Dragon’s Fire, whose recipe is lost to the ages. The possible discoveries if the ruins were linked could be significant.


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