Swords for Adventure

Road to Neverwinter


Mordecai waved to Harndur from behind the thicket and he could see him in turn motion to Brigley. The three were in a tree line overlooking a clearing on the road to Neverwinter. They had come across the remains of a wagon that was destroyed and the passengers carted off by mountain trolls. Harndur had been fairly certain the passengers had survived judging by the small amount of human blood at the attack location. They had easily tracked the trolls to this location.

The oafs were around an enormous cauldron hacking up what had likely been the wagon’s oxen and throwing their remains into the cook pot. Hanging in cages were an adult male and female human, as well as, several children. The trolls were speaking amongst themselves. Mordecai and his companions with their signal sprang their trap. Mordecai and Brigley struck first, Mordecai unleashed a hail of icy shards that streaked towards one of the three trolls on his side, hitting him squarely several times and throwing him into the cook pot. From Brigley’s direction Mordecai heard a clap like thunder and saw a flash of lightning arc and strike the other two by the pot, sending them in the opposite direction. Finally from the tree line a large black bear sprang and charged into the three rolling on the ground, quickly sinking his fangs into one’s throat and tearing it wide open in a spray of fountaining gore.

Mordecai leapt from his spot and sprinted forward, he could see Brigley doing the same. While running Mordecai made a number of arcane gestures and greenish yellow bubble of fluid flew from his hands striking the trolls as they lie tangled with one another on the ground. He could see bolts of fire flying from Brigley’s hands as he charged forward, also slamming into the trolls. The three of them quickly dispatched the beasts and made certain their corpses were thoroughly charred. They also freed the victims from their cages. After brief introductions, they learned the family were essentially refugees fleeing from the far norther forests from what was likely advancing cult forces. They were trying to make for Neverwinter as they had heard it was taking in war victims.

Brigley offered to have them travel with the three companions as it would be far safer and they agreed. During the conversation Harndur had slipped away and they heard him call out from further up the hill, they all followed a rough trail up to a cave opening and Harndur stepped out. “Come have a look.” He said to Mordecai and Brigley. The trolls had established themselves in the area if they had a cave, and this close to Neverwinter was troubling. When they entered the cave it was a fetid cesspool of filth one typically encountered from the beasts. “Back this way.” Harndur motioned and they continued down to the bottom of the cave.

There was a good deal of coin lying about, along with a number of semi precious stones. Brigley took out an empty leather satchel and filled it, when he was done he hefted it and looked at Mordecai. “I’d say this will help some wayward refugees get on their feet.” he said smiling. “Agreed, and good fortune as well since I would be shocked if the lords of Neverwinter are indeed happily taking in refugees.” Mordecai replied. Brigley nodded in agreement frowning. The coastal city states were still publicly pushing a policy of denial in regards to the cult of the dragon, times were painting them more and more the liar.

“Down here.” Harndur said. The two turned and joined him. Leaning against the wall was an armoire, in quite good condition oddly. “What did you find in it?” Brigley asked Harndur. “That’s the real mystery, it won’t open.” He answered. The three tugged and pulled and could not get it to open. Harndur performed a ritual of knowledge and it became apparent, the whole piece of furniture was enchanted. Brigley spoke a few mystical words and touched his staff to the latch. There were a number of clicks and mechanical sound at the end of which the doors popped ajar. Quite defensively they opened the doors and peered in, Brigley spoke up “Now isn’t that pretty, not something you see everyday…..”


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