Swords for Adventure

Allosaurus vittles

30th Mirtul (May) , The Year of Star Wanderers (1490 DR) DR (Dale Reckoning)

“What a great day!” Smee exclaimed with a belch, “Allosaurus is delicious!” The fire crackled, used more for the light than the warmth. The island was a muggy, heavy aired place that left the feeling of thick film on one’s body. Mordecai glowered at Smee as he ate before saying “Smee, was that course of action really necessary? We had just been embattled; I think you were callous with our lives this afternoon.”

Smee snickered and placed the hunk of meat on his belly to free a finger to point at Mordecai, “Maybe you horned devil, my apologies for bein’ a man of action. I watch you, Mordecai, all the time and I think ye are too cautious. Someone ‘ere needs to balance out that timidity.”

“Irrespective, I disapprove. There is knowledge to be gained here and the promise of treasure. For one, I would like to be alive to enjoy those spoils.”

“I thought it was hilarious!” Handur interrupted, “you can’t stop the inevitable. He would have done it anyway.”

“Thank you druid, at least one of you lot agrees.”

“I never agreed! I just wanted to see them up close. Means to an end,” Handur stated with a shrug.

“Surely I would have left you here to rot had things gone belly up,” Algares spoke up, “but I believe those beasts would have found us eventually. It is their jungle after all, and we have no idea how intelligent these beasts are. They may have laid in wait.”

“And now we’ll never know because SOMEONE isn’t capable of recognizing how invaluable the study of these creatures’ habits would have been!” Mordecai cried out in exacerbation.

With no small amount of fluidity Smee sprung to his feet. “Are ye callin’ me soft headed!?”

“I would not say that exactly, but I do think you are an ignorant son of a bitch,” Mordecai stated, also standing.

“Well, at least I don’ live my life as anything but what I intend to be! I’m a real adventurer; it’s not adventure if it’s not dangerous! You’d learn more about them if you see ‘em in battle!” Smee cried.

“Well at least I don’t live my life wearing a fruity silk shirt and trousers, you drug-addled lard-filled chubby-chasing whore-monger!”

At that Smee bellowed and began to charge towards Mordecai, “I can always leave you here to your studies, you horn headed buffo!…..” and with a flurry of his hand Mordecai encased Smee in ice.

Thamar guffawed. “That’s one way to keep him in line Mordecai! Perhaps without his incessant snoring we’ll all be able to sleep tonight!”

“Aye, we shall. He is a good and courageous companion for the most part. Like a retarded dog. It’s just too much fun to mess with him.”


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